A Gta Online hacker will have to pay $150000

The condemned man developed a cheating program in Grand Theft Auto Online, then selling it to other title users.

The videogame industry becomes serious with cheats in video games and, above all, with hackers in charge of programs that favor cheating in online gambling and that even receive money for this "work". The industry will not allow it and fewer large companies with enough money to defend themselves, like Rockstar. The cheats of Grand Theft Auto Online could think twice before re-creating programs to cheat the game after this news.

Jhonny Perez, a resident of Florida, has been officially found guilty of infringing the copyright of Rockstar's work. The reason is that he created a program to facilitate the traps in GTA Online and decided to put a price on it, profiting from a product that was not his and that he did not have permission to modify. Other players bought the program knowing, or not, that it was an unofficial program and prohibited in the rules of the game.

The American justice has condemned Jhonny Perez to compensate Rockstar for damages, in addition to covering the standard costs of the process, being sentenced to pay $ 150,000. His program was called Elusive, which allowed players to create their own money in the game without any limit, while harming non-cheating players.

Perez sold this program in several packs, ranging from 10 to 30 dollars, depending on the contents of it. The problem is that a company like Rockstar and Take-Two (the editor) spend a lot of money making sure that all players have an excellent experience, clearly harming the developer. According to proponents of the videogame company, the program created "new features in Grand Theft Auto that could be used to harm legitimate players, which causes Take-Two to lose control over their carefully balanced design of the game."

It is known that at first Take-Two was willing to negotiate with the hacker to reach a kind of agreement, but it was the refusal of Jhonny Perez that led to legal action by the editor of Grand Theft Auto V.

Date update on 2019-02-08. Date published on 2019-02-08. Category: hackers Author: Oscar olg Fuente: atresmedia

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