A mission that confirms Inhumans in Marvel Avengers leaks

Marvel Avengers

Are you a fan, or do you like Marvels Inhumans? Then it is very possible that this news is to your liking, since apparently Marvel's Avengers will have the Inhumans in one of their missions.

So if the ABC series did not convince you, it is possible that the version of Crystal Dynamics does.

In a video leaked from PAX Australia, recorded in what appears to be behind closed doors, the Reddit user JppBrasilSP2019 has obtained a small fragment of one of the Marvel's Avengers missions in which it can be appreciated that players will travel to the Southwest of United States in one of the missions of the game.

Although it is a bit difficult to get to see a little of what is shown in the video, either because of the speed with which everything happens and because of the risk of the recording, in the title you can read what will happen in the mission; although, rather, the place to which we will go in it.

But if we needed something more precise, another Reddit user nicknamed ItIsABear published a screenshot of the video in which you can read "Agent Garza" perfectly. The rest of this user's title indicates that, by doing a brief search via Google, it takes you to Sarah Garza, an Inhuman.

Although Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Marvel's Avengers will not have a local cooperative, the game can be enjoyed long after all these confirmations. especially after she is also present in the game Ms. Marvel and they will talk about several other things about the game, such as microtransactions.

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