A retailer started offering the PlayStation 5 reservation


New Artistic Renders of PlayStation 5 have been published that are considered the most accurate versions so far

According to the leaked information, the latest images see the console with a surprisingly sharp silver layer but with basically the same design language as the previously released renders. A European retailer has begun placing pre-orders for the next-generation console with only a down payment of € 50.

The artistic team of LetsGoDigital has been busy making new renderings of the PlayStation 5, which sees some alterations compared to the previous renders thanks to a supposed leak in relation to the color scheme, the general shape and the connectivity of the console. The device is now decorated in silver and black with a button design similar to the one that covered the front.

The newer speculative PS5 renders retain the V-shaped design, with the "V" points toward the front of the console. There are three buttons above the disc slot (standby, reset and eject) that are joined by two LEDs on the left side of the front face. The right front side of the console is adorned with five USB ports, a power button and a label for the SSD.

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