A security flaw in Apex Legends allows hackers to obtain your IP address

Apex Legends is the game of fashion and has garnered great figures in terms of players referred in their first days of life

Surely anyone who is reading this news has played at least one game of Respawn Entertainment battle royale free to play, so we bring you a warning. Apex contains a security flaw that allows experienced hackers to obtain the IP address of your game profile. This bug has been discovered by users of the hacking forum "Unknown Cheats", said exploit allows them to access and control the network establishment of Apex Legends. The user claimed that the exploits were easy to guess and implement, and that users who know what they are doing could track players, obtain information about players, track lobbies and even force their entry into specific lobbies or block them.

The expert hackers, using these exploits, are able to chat in any lobby they want, join any lobby they want, expel any player from any lobby they want, disable any server they want, change the nickname of any player in the lobby and even stop the game so that it does not generate new servers, which would lead to the game dying for all those who try to play. Of course, the most dangerous of all the things these hackers are capable of doing is getting your IP address. With your IP address a hacker could find your location data, and with that, they could find much more information about you to use it to their advantage.


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