A young actor with Down syndrome debuts with the new Nintendo campaign

A young actor with Down syndrome debuts with the new Nintendo campaign

Aaron Waddingham gets his first role as an interpreter thanks to the new campaign for Switch.

Nintendo wanted to give visibility to all kinds of people in its latest promotional video for Nintendo Switch and the company sought, as well, an actor with Down syndrome to appear in the video. Now, Aaron Waddingham, the selected interpreter, has talked about how the process has been and his dream of being an actor.

Aaron Waddingham, 16, has granted an interview with his family to the Canadian media Global News, pausing during his vacation in Australia to comment on how his work has been in the recording of the new Nintendo Switch announcement for the US. , which you can see below.

"I played twenty times" for the recording of the television commercial, explained Aaron, a native of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). "We learned that the announcement was issued while we were traveling here in Melbourne, so it has been very exciting for us, " said Mike Waddingham, Aaron's father. His mother, meanwhile, has shared the news on social networks:

Aaron has been dreaming of being an actor for some time and has started receiving acting classes this year. This announcement for Nintendo has been his first professional job in the world. " The first job he has been paid for has been to play video games, " said Aaron's father.

The family sees the milestone achieved very positively

The mother, Sue Robins, has indicated that "Nintendo very specifically wanted someone with a visible disability. It has been very exciting for us that they want there to be more media presence of all kinds of people."

Aaron's family values ​​positively that companies seek to be more inclusive and work to expand the public portrait of the video game user. " Things are changing, and that is amazing ."

"It seems that there will be more roles for people with disabilities," and that is something that Aaron's environment believes should be held, to give them visibility, to continue advancing in integration, respect and normalization of all people in society.

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