Activate or deactivate the mobile WiFi automatically by location

Android is still the king of customization and functionality. Thanks to the freedom offered by the operating system of Google we can, among many other things, activate or deactivate automatically the mobile's WiFi by location

This allows the phone to connect only to a WiFi network when it is within its range.

What we achieved with this functionality? Obviously saving us being disconnecting and connecting the WiFi every time we leave home but, above all, save battery. And is that one of the most repeated tips for the energy of our smartphone is not spent so quickly is to turn off the WiFi every time we are away from home so that the mobile is not constantly looking for networks to connect.

With Android settings

Since the previous version of Android, Google offers the possibility of establishing some Wi-Fi connection pitas. Many layers of personalization, such as EMUI or MIUI, have adapted this tool and complement the wireless connection settings with options to save battery when connecting to this type of networks.

When accessing the mobile settings, within wireless networks, we can find "extra" functions for the Wi-Fi connection. access it and enable the mobile can automatically activate or deactivate the WiFi when it is inside or outside the reach of a known network. This also allows detecting weak signals and disconnecting the WiFi automatically when a network does not allow access to the Internet, without the user having to intervene in the process at all.

With an external app

What happens when the Android settings themselves do not allow use of this tool? Then you do not have to worry because the Google Play Store offers applications that allow you to replicate, exactly, what some customization layers based on Google's software offer.

WiFi Matic is one of the best applications that we can use to automatically activate or deactivate mobile WiFi by location. Instead of using the GPS of the smartphone and, therefore, spend more battery, this app identifies the cells of the connected telephone antennas so that the application will know if we are in the place configured according to the antennas to which we are connected. That is, if we are near a WiFi network previously configured, the app will connect us to it. If, on the contrary, we leave its range of action, it will deactivate the WiFi connectivity of the phone.

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