Add custom drawings and shapes to Docs


When we refer to the text editors that we use so frequently, we often think of Microsoft's Word solution. However, we must not forget that this is a proposal that is integrated into the firm's Office suite, so it is paid.

It is true that there is an online version that we can use from our favorite Internet browser, but it is somewhat limited in many aspects. Therefore, regular users in the office sector who do not want to pay money for these types of applications prefer to look for other similar alternatives. And now we can use other powerful text editors, and free.

In fact many of these little or nothing have to envy the Microsoft proposal we have talked about. This is the case of the LibreOffice open source suite, a complete suite that also offers us a series of applications dedicated to the world of office automation. And the same happens with those presented by the giant of Google searches.

This firm presents a series of online platforms that we can also use for all types of office work, and for which we will not have to pay a single euro. Well, among the applications included here, we find Docs, the text editor that could be compared, in mode of use, to the popular Word of Redmond.

In fact, this is a powerful proposal for group work, with support for a good amount of additional elements. We say this because in addition to working with texts, this is an alternative that has functions so that we can integrate all kinds of objects that will enrich our documents.

How to work with shapes and drawings in Google Docs

That is why in these same lines we will show you how to include all kinds of objects and shapes that we can design, directly to our Docs documents. For this, the program puts at our disposal a small tool that we can use to make our small design compositions. Therefore, to get the most out of this, the first thing we should do after starting Docs from the browser, is to place ourselves in the "Insert" menu.

Once here we can choose to click on "Drawing / New", so that the additional tool we were talking about, will appear on the screen. In fact we will see that a new work desk appears on the screen with which we can work to carry out the design we are talking about. In this new window, we will see a blank work desk so we can start with the design tasks.

In this new environment that appears we will have a series of tools focused on the design such as "Shapes", "Text Box" or "Images". These elements will help us to create our own designs in this regard, so now we will have to put a little creativity on our part. Once we have finished the design process, it will be automatically integrated as part of the Docs text document.

Date update on 2019-10-14. Date published on 2019-10-14. Category: google Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone