All ways to use Instagram from Windows 10


This social network is specially designed to be used from any smartphone, however, special attention has never been given to its use from the PC. Although if we are Windows 10 users we do have several ways to use Instagram from our computer.

Although there are unofficial customers for all social networks, we do not want to enter these options. These clients, in addition to having security problems often, can disappear overnight, leaving users hanging and forcing them to look for an alternative.

Facebook has never put special interest in facilitating the use of its social networks to PC users. Most users access it from smartphones, and therefore, customers and most of the functions are designed for these users.

Despite this, it is possible to use Instagram from any Windows 10 computer. Next we will explain all the official ways we can consult and upload content to the social network from any computer.

Use Instagram from any web browser

Although at the beginning it did not exist, Instagram has had a web version for a long time. This allows us to consult the social network from our computer needing only to use a web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

To access this platform, simply click on the following link and log in with the same data that we use on our mobile to enter this social network.

The main limitation of the Instagram website is that we cannot upload new content. We can see the publications of our followers, the states, set up our account, search for people or communities ... but nothing to upload photos or states.

If we really want to use this social network better, and we have Windows 10 installed on our computer, then we must try the official Instagram app, in UWP format.

Download the official Instagram app for Windows 10

If we want to use Instagram a little better from our computer, what we can do is use the official app of this social network. This application is available to all users for free through the Microsoft Store. Therefore, in order to download it it is necessary to be Windows 10 users.

This application allows us to use the social network in much the same way as we do from our smartphone. That is, we will be able to see all the publications (photos and states) of our friends, manage our profile and, in addition, upload new content, both photos and states, to share with our followers.

As we can see, the interface of this app is much more similar to that of mobile, being able to have practically all its functions at hand. It is not an interface too intuitive for keyboard and mouse, but it will help us to consult this social network comfortably from the PC.

Date update on 2019-10-14. Date published on 2019-10-14. Category: instagram Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone