Guide of Red Dead Redemption 2

An error without bad intention in Red Dead Redemption 2

An error without bad intention tricks tips and secrets so that you do not have problem in getting the gold medal.

Gold medal goals

  • Save Uncle when they have passed him.
  • Get 20 shots to the head.
  • Ends with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without consuming health object.

As you can deduce from the objectives of the gold medal, in this mission there will be an intense shooting, so be prepared properly. In order to initiate it, before you have to have completed, at least, The way of true love. Once you've done it, you should see Molly's marker (MS) in the camp.

However, the mission has nothing to do with Molly, but with Uncle, who wants us to do an "easy job". Easy, but for which four people are needed, something that is not exactly a reason to trust ...

Get on the horse and go after the old drunkard. As soon as you stop, put your handkerchief on your face, you still do not need to worry about weapons. When the stagecoach stops you can register the back and return to your mount to escape.

Now, equip your favorite weapon, with which you are more comfortable, because you will not have a group of enemies at all. Try to dispatch them with the Dead Eye and aiming at the head to ensure that you get the two medals (for accuracy and precision, which is not the same but it looks like).

Keep in mind that the priority is to run away with the gang, not kill the persecutors, if you separate from your companions you will fail the mission.

Once you stop at the farm, get ready for another shootout, this time you have to kill them all. Do not cut yourself and remember to point to the head to accumulate losses facing the gold medal.

There will come a point where you will have to leave the barn and hide in the woods, do not shoot the men of Cornwall. Instead, wait until they're near, take out the knife and slice them up and down like a cod.

Then you'll have to go uphill to help Bill and Charles with the remaining watchers. The mission will end as soon as you kill the last one. Remember to record the corpses, they are a lot and some will have something useful.