Guide to chapters 1 and 2 of Red Dead Redemption 2

An unusual pastoral scene in Red Dead Redemption 2

We tell you what you need to know to complete the mission An unusual pastoral scene tricks and secrets so that you have no problem in getting the gold medal.

Gold medal goals

  • Abate with a shot to the head each one of the mounted guards that protect the car.
  • Kill 10 enemies using Dead Eye.
  • Complete the mission in 5 minutes and 50 seconds or less.
  • Complete the mission without using health objects.

To begin this mission you must have completed before. Blessed are the meek ones? and let several hours (real) pass until an "M" marker appears southwest of the Herradura camp. It's about Micah, go talk to him.

When you reach the area, you will find the camp where the mustache is sheltering while finding something to offer to Dutch for having screwed up. It turns out he has a plan: to assault a stagecoach (no matter what time of day you go, going at night will not influence anything or make it easier)

How could it be otherwise, Arthur will yield and you will have to go after him on horseback, to the place where Bell wants to ambush the wagon. Once in position, you will see a sequence. Now think, they ask for ten casualties with Dead Eye and a few shots to the head: combine them.

The diligence will not take long to arrive and you will have to go to the assault, put on your handkerchief so they do not recognize you, take out your rifle and use the Dead Eye to kill as many people with headshots as you can. Keep in mind that you must kill the coachman as soon as possible or you will fail the mission.

While you return you will be ambushed and you will have to face all the enemies that remain. If you did not make enough casualties with Dead Eye, now is the time if you are looking to get the gold medal.

Do not stop to loot corpses when the area is clear, you have little more than 5 minutes to complete the mission for the objectives. Shoot the diligence lock to complete the mission. As a reward, apart from the money, you have the Lancaster rifle repeating, a new weapon, which is not bad.