Analysis of the special anime episode for the tenth anniversary of Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Analysis of the special anime episode for the tenth anniversary of Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Yes, today we have to talk about Super Dragon Ball Heroes and its new special anime episode, aired a few hours ago in Japan. It is 10 years since the launch of this famous Japanese arcade and Bandai Namco celebrates it in a big way!

As you all know, every few weeks a new anime episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is released, a promotional series for the arcade of the same name that is attracting more fans of the franchise every day.

Now, with the celebration of the tenth anniversary, they have opted for the premiere of a special anime chapter, and of course, in Hobby Consolas we could not miss the opportunity and today we will analyze it in detail. But be careful, we are not facing a normal episode, we are facing the first anime chapter that really captures the spirit of the game of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

In addition, we finally have the avatars Beat and Note as protagonists of the chapter, emblematic characters of the arcade since the brand was born! And that is exactly how the episode begins, with a tournament in the real world (specifically in a Japanese shopping center) between these two characters who, once they put their Dragon Ball Heroes cards on the arcade cabinet, are teleported to the Dragon World. That last!

As soon as we enter the Dragon Ball universe, we see the Note and Beat character cards come to life. The matches couldn't be more fanservice! Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue against Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue, a fight between two Bardock from different times and ... Of course, the return of Broly from Dragon Ball Z! Of course, little can stand against Trunks Super Saiyan God and his support technique of the Kaiohshin of time, capable of paralyzing the rival and leaving him knocked out with blows. Just like in the arcade! We leave you a gallery of images of the moment

Although it seems that Beat has the upper hand with his deck, we see that Note has not said his last word and Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue's final attack leaves Beat a fox.

Of course, what Note did not have was ... Yamcha and his healing power, capable of healing the characters of Beat! Now that the little one has recovered much of the health of his cards, it was time to counter Note with a Kame Hame Ha combined between his avatar and Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue. Impossible for Note, who is struck down from the game! K.O!

However, at the end of the fight, a new enemy appears! These are the new avatars that will be included in the arcade, based on new gods of destruction. Beat can do nothing against them, but thanks to the confidence that Son Goku instills in him, he is able to unlock the Ultra Instinct Signal, another novelty for the avatar in the arcade, and thus fight his new enemies. And so ends this special, with a tremendously inspiring soundtrack and promising looks to the future!


  • This is what the 3 new avatars of the gods of destruction will look like. Which one do you like the most?
  • When Beat defeats Note we can see the K.O. in the episode, the same one that appears in the arcade game.
  • Before the fight, we see the Beat and Note cards on the arcade machine, and we verify that they are exactly the same that we can buy in our real world.
  • The opening of this special episode compiles great scenes from the previous promotional trailers, so it serves as a meteoric review for the entire brand.
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