Apex Legends how to get the rewards of Twitch Prime

From today Twitch Prime and Respawn offer the possibility of getting a new booty pack for Apex Legends through Twitch Prime, without additional cost if we are users of the service.

The first thing you have to be clear is that in order to get free rewards from Apex Legends it is necessary that you have a Twitch Prime account. The Twitch Prime account is automatically free when you are a member of Amazon Prime.

If you do not have an account on Amazon Prime, remember that this service has a free trial period of 30 days, so it is not necessary to pay if you are not yet members: with the free trial you can get the rewards of Twitch Prime for Apex Legends Once you have the account in the famous online store (you can get an Amazon Primeí account), you only have to activate the Twitch Prime account through this same link.

With Twitch Prime already activated (even with the 30-day trial), the next thing you need to do is link your Twitch Prime account with the EA account. Once connected, BEWARE: the loot will be available on the platform where you start the game for the first time after linking the accounts. That is, if you play Apex Legends on PC and PS4, it will only appear on one of the two platforms, in which you play first.

The booty of Twitch Prime for Apex Legends is made up of the legendary skin Omega for Pathfinder, in addition to 5 Apex Packs that randomly will provide appearances or skins for the characters and weapons, as well as materials to make some of these sets, among others things.

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