Apple could design its own 5G modem

The Cupertino firm is considering manufacturing its own 5G modem for its devices that are used in mobility conditions.

And, the truth is that it makes sense to do this, because the greater the control you have of the hardware that is included, the better customization and adaptability is achieved in the software (where, thanks to iOS, the company is now run by Tim Cook offers an iron hand control since the arrival of his first smartphone). And it appears that the next component that has been chosen to have its own design by Apple is the modem, specifically the one that will give access to future 5G networks, which is expected to be part of the iPhone in the 2020 range.

The decision seems firm, and so much so that there are several job offers that Apple has published in which engineers looking to develop wireless chips, among which would be the modem we talked about. Additionally, and this is also important, it seems clear that the firm wishes to include in the near future an NPU type chip (Neuronal Processing Unit) in its SoC, in order to strengthen the works in which the use of Artificial Intelligence is present.

What Apple is looking for when taking this step with its future modem

As it is logical to think, what is desired is to reduce dependence on other companies as has already happened with processors. In this way, if Apple makes its own design on the one hand it will not have to negotiate with anyone when creating the hardware and, on the other, it should not adapt the software to the component in question (on the contrary, it will offer exactly the solutions that companies look for and need). In short, dependence on third parties is lower, which is always beneficial.

It is also important to indicate that, once the working group is created and functioning, the cost reduction also exists. And this is not something minor, since it will allow the iPhone - and also the iPad that uses the modem - to be more profitable. Finally, to everything commented before we must add that the relations with Qualcomm, supplied from their modems since 2011, are not the best possible. Therefore, if it manages to separate itself from these companies (or from other companies such as Intel), surely Apple believes that their work will be simpler and easier.

Date update on 2018-11-16. Date published on 2018-11-16. Category: apple Author: Oscar olg Fuente: movilzona