Automatically deactivate the Caps Lock key in Windows 10

Automatically deactivate the Caps Lock key in Windows 10

When we have to write with some fluency in our computers, all the aids are good if we are not very typed. That is why we can sometimes use certain applications that will help us in these tasks.

As an example, assume that we need to type uppercase letters, for which we can always activate the uppercase lock key or hold down Shift. As you know, both options work perfectly for this, but with Shift pressed we can also type secondary characters of the keyboard that are not letters. Using one method or another will already be a matter of tastes or customs. But at the same time you have to know that there is a big difference between the operation of one and the other.

While the second one only works while holding down, the second one is activated and deactivated with a touch on the key. Therefore, as is logical to think, if we turn it on, sooner or later, we will have to turn it off as well. But we must know that we can also automatically deactivate this block of capital letters after a certain number of seconds.

This is something that we will be able to achieve through a simple third-party application, as we will show you below. Specifically we refer to the program called CapsUnlocker, a small free application to configure this key that we are talking about. The first thing we do is download it from this link and run it, after which it is placed on the Windows 10 toolbar. The icon located here indicates directly whether the uppercase lock is activated or not.

Configure the CapsUnlocker application to write more fluently

That may be useful in certain circumstances, but that is not its most important feature. To see this, we must click on its icon and select Options. Then a new window will appear on the screen to customize the app. Thus, in it we will have the possibility to enter the time that the capital lock key must remain activated before CapsUnlocker turns it off.

It should be mentioned that the specified time is in seconds and, by default, it is set to 30. In this way we can increase or decrease it to suit our needs. To say that the icon as such could be a bit more striking when it comes to indicating the status of the key, but we can also choose another one from the system. Similarly, as an advantage we will highlight that it does not consume system resources, and it remains in operation in the background for when we need it.

It is for all this that in the case that we use the uppercase lock often, this application will be of great help to be able to type with a little more ease. Also, if something characterizes this solution that we are talking about, it is its simplicity of operation and configuration. At the same time we will tell you that although it has not been updated for a while, CapsUnlocker works perfectly with the latest versions of Windows 10.

Date update on 2019-12-01. Date published on 2019-12-01. Category: windows Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone