Basement and first floor in Luigi Mansion 3

Basement and first floor in Luigi Mansion 3

After the introduction of Luigi Mansion 3 approach the counter to talk to Sirvano and Vilma du Tel. After a couple of sequences, you will reach your room.

Approach the suitcase (on the underside of the bed) to interact with it and say yes, you want to rest . After a small sequence, it seems that our greenish plumber has put the hairs of the pointed mustache. Leave your room and go to rooms 501 and 502 directly (to the right) .

There is nothing to do in particular in these rooms, just enter and exit. They are Mario and Peach's rooms. Curious, one would say that after three damn decades they would already share a room, at least. The fact is that when leaving the second one, the elevator will open .

After the sequence you have to run to the left, to the end of the hall . Beware of the luggage that is thrown down the road. When you reach the end, press X to throw yourself through the laundry duct. When you regain control of the character, you can interact with washing machines and furniture to get coins . Then continue to the right for a while, following Ectochucho. When you get to the garage and see a red vehicle waving, interact with it .

After the sequence you will be taught to use the vacuum cleaner and the flashlight:

  • Hold button A to charge the flashlight against a ghost, and release it to leave it momentarily paralyzed with a flash.
  • Press and hold ZR to absorb a ghost you have paralyzed.
  • Press and hold ZL to push a ghost that gets too close.
  • Press ZL + ZR to cause a small shock wave that clears the area around you.

Before leaving the area, watch the vehicle covered with a sheet on the left . Get close to him and aim to hook the sheet, when you throw enough you can press button A to remove it completely. Now, what you have to do is put yourself in the back, facing that "button" in the trunk, and charge the flashlight (holding down A or R) to flash it. This will make a white gem appear.

If you go to the far left of the room you will see a large gate with a button . It won't do any good. There are also some stairs to the left that lead to a chest with coins. Get used to using the shockwave (LR + ZR) from time to time, because it will show coins of nearby objects. Leave the garage where you entered and turn left . In the room of the washing machines there is a lot of money that you can vacuum. Forget about the obvious gem of the washing machine , you still can't get it.

When you finish, go back to the right, bypassing the door to the garage . To the right of the elevator you will see a closed door, which opens with a flash. After crossing it there is an equal machine, but it gives you money. Under the stairwell there is a chest with more coins, and in the crack of the wall next to the machine there is ... something. We will see what it is. For now, climb the stairs .

You will end up reaching the first floor (it should be the ground floor, but the game says it is the first). Along the way you should see the yellow gem, and next to the elevator on the First floor, what appears to be the green gem caught in "something." Don't worry for now and go left to see a sequence. You will have to defeat your first ghosts .

The system is simple ... at least for now. Stuns with the flash, you attract with ZR and "strips" the ghost with the left stick. When you are trapped, press A several times to crush it until it ends. Once you're done with them, you can use the pumpkins on the left to break the pictures hanging from the ceiling . Simply suck a pumpkin with ZR, get under the boxes and aim for the reticle to appear. With ZL you will "shoot" and get enough money from each frame. If you leave the room on the right and return, the pumpkins reappear .

Now approach the counter and press ZL + ZR to lift the separation . Behind you have a key and, on the right side, one of those buttons that are activated with a flash. In doing so you will reveal a lot of money and the purple gem

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