Best icon packs and emojis to use in PowerPoint or Photoshop

Best icon packs and emojis to use in PowerPoint or Photoshop

Selection of icon packs or emojis that you can use to your liking or needs. As we tell you, over time the use of this type of objects in particular has not stopped growing, especially since the arrival of the Internet and social platforms.

To all this we can add that the applications we use every day, including the Windows operating system, increasingly offer more customization options. Therefore, for this, these small elements that we refer to in these lines will also be very helpful.

Serve as an example what we can do in the most used desktop operating system in the world, Windows 10. Here we have several ways to customize its interface, as it happens with the icons that Microsoft presents to us by default. Thus, quickly and easily, we have the possibility of making use of those elements of this type that we like the most. But of course, the first thing we need is to have multimedia objects as such, for which we are going to help you.

Icon packs and emojis to download

So, below we have made a selection of various icon packs that are grouped by more specific themes, as you will see. These can be found on various Internet sites to download. In addition, the advantage of downloading these packs, compared to the downloads of independent emojis, is that here we have more content to choose from.

Zodiac pack

In the event that you are lovers of everything related to the signs of the zodiac and similar topics, this set of icons will surely help you in your own projects

iMac Generations

On the other hand, it may also be the case that you are regular users of the equipment of the firm of the bitten apple, Apple. That is why in this case we also want to show you an icon pack corresponding to the company's imac equipment since its inception.

Adobe cs3

Surely this alternative that we are going to talk about next, will delight many designers. This is because we offer you a set of 9 icons, all of them for different products from the giant Adobe.

Noto Emoji People Expressions

As we mentioned earlier, these types of elements are common in social networks or instant messaging applications. That is why in this case we offer you this pack of emojis that are perfect for these tasks. Thus we find up to six elements of this type to show emotions

Android icons

This is the most widely used and extended operating system for mobile devices in the world. Therefore there are many users who may want to use some of its most popular retro icons, for example, in other environments, such as Windows.

Popular emojis

It can also be the case that we want to have saved the emoticons that we most often use on platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, for example. That is why we are also going to present you an interesting pack with them to use wherever you want.

Laboratory Pack

And in the global pandemic era that we are going through right now and for months, this icon pack won't hurt either. They will allow us to express ourselves in a more visual way when we talk to friends or family online, since we refer to a pack of icons, all of them related to laboratory topics.

Noto Emoji Activities

And what to say about everything related to sport that should be so present in our lives. Thus, in this specific case we are going to find an extensive set of icons all related to these physical activities

Knob Toolbar Icons

Similarly, for personal projects, these icons corresponding to buttons and controls that we find daily can also be very helpful.

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