Blizzard suspends an American team for Hong Kong's political protests

Blizzard suspends an American team for Hong Kong's political protests

Some students had shown their support for the revolts in Hong Kong, but the penalty was late in arriving and they pointed out that Blizzard did not treat everyone equally.

Three American Hearthstone players have received a six-month suspension in their accounts for displaying a poster during the Hearthstone Collegiate Championship on October 8, which read "release Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard." The message was a support for the professional player who was also suspended for a similar message, as Blizzard prohibits publicly expressing political views in the Hearthstone Grandmasters.

This suspension has been received with joy by the team of Washington, D.C., because they were "worried about the hypocrisy of the blitzchung punishment but not us," because the punishment was not immediate. The community criticized that Blizzard had wide sleeves on broadcasts in English and the United States, but not with players from Hong Kong or Taiwan. "Although late, I appreciate that all players are treated equally and none are above the rules," said Casey Chambers.

Hong Kong protests have no place in Hearthstone

A few days ago Chung "blitzchung" Ng Wai was suspended for supporting protests in Hong Kong during an official Hearthstone broadcast by saying that "liberating Hong Kong is the revolution of our time," a phrase associated with this movement. A few days later Chung was suspended, although Blizzard reduced the penalty to six months and returned the $ 10,000 he had earned during the season.

This decision did not please the community, nor within Blizzard, and even company president J. Allen Brack clarified that relations with China had no influence on the suspension. Epic Games added more fire to the fire by ensuring that they support the right to express views on politics and human rights.

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