Block Edge in Windows 10 to prevent the browser from running

Block Edge in Windows 10 to prevent the browser from running

The web browser we use in the current times has become a widely used software

Let's opt for proposals such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge, this is a software that we use almost constantly.

Mozilla and Google proposals are programs that are largely settling in the market. Not surprisingly, they have become the two favorites by most users. In fact, the second one, Google Chrome, is currently the leader by far. However, since Internet Explorer ceased to be what it was, Microsoft has been working to continue participating in this same sector.

That is why at the time launched Edge, a proposal that was wanted to compete face to face with the two mentioned, and that it was a worthy replacement for Internet Explorer. That is why it took the program to be part of one of its flagship products, Windows 10. However, despite being the default Windows 10 browser, the acceptance by users was very small. These, over the years, have preferred to continue with proposals from third parties.

In this way and as we have been commenting on you these months ago, the Redmond firm decided to launch a new project in this regard. Therefore, it is about to launch the final version of the new Edge, this time based on the engine of the Google Chromium project, a more secure and reliable Edge. However many wonder why the original Edge did not succeed, most likely the reasons were several

How to block access to Edge from Windows 10

That is why the vast majority of users of the operating system completely ignore the use of this particular program. In fact and so that it does not run on its own, something that happens in certain circumstances, some use a Powershell command to uninstall it and that does not open by accident. But at this point, we must know that we have the possibility to disable Edge on the computer directly.

For this we are going to show you a program called Edge Blocker, an application that we can download from this link. Its operation is based on temporarily blocking, or forever, the Edge browser on our computer. This will prevent it from opening on its own with certain content, or that other users access it. There can be many reasons why we do not want this program to continue working in Windows 10.

Of course, before performing this block, we should have some other browser installed on the computer. Well, Edge Blocker is a free portable application that is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and that blocks the program. It also proposes a very simple and intuitive interface, since it only has two buttons. Through these, all we have to do is block or unblock the mentioned program.

In this way we will only have to click on “Block” to deactivate Edge safely, so the icon will turn gray. At the same time, to unlock it press the "Unblock" button, so we can continue using Edge and the icon turns blue. Once the change is made, we can close Edge Blocker, it doesn't even have to be running in the background, the changes are permanent.

We should also know that this interface we find a shortcut to change the default Windows 10 browser "Default Browser". Similarly, it allows us to directly create a shortcut on the desktop to Internet Explorer

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