Block WhatsApp how to do consequences and best tricks

Surely, you have ever thought about blocking a WhatsApp contact. Here you can find out how to do it

The most used messaging application in the world allows us to communicate with all the contacts that we have added, and with those who have our phone number. If you do not want someone to talk to you, the best option is to block it from the WhatsApp application, something that is done in a very simple and fast way.

Today, we show you how to block someone on WhatsApp, the consequences this has, and the best tricks related to blocking. If you want to know everything about this topic, stay with us, since we are going to tell you everything right now.

Block a contact you have saved

To block a contact from your agenda in WhatsApp, you just have to go to the menu, and in the privacy settings, add a user to the blocked list. Is not it clear to you? We explain it step by step.

  • Touch the Menu button
  • Go to the settings section
  • Now, go to the account section
  • Go to blocked contacts
  • Touch the add contact icon
  • Select the contact you want to block

That easy. This way you can make a list of blocked contacts in WhatsApp. You can consult it to know at all times to which contacts you have blocked, in a fast and comfortable way.

Block a contact that you do not have saved

In some cases, someone may get our phone number and try to talk to us. If you want to block someone who is not on your contact list, just do the following.

  • Go to the chat with the unknown number
  • Open the menu
  • Give him to block contact

It is done. You have blocked someone who was not on your list in the WhatsApp app. You will no longer be able to speak to you with that phone number, and it will be automatically added to your list of blocked contacts.

I've blocked someone on WhatsApp, and now what?

A while ago, we told you what happens when you block a contact on WhatsApp. The answer is quite simple, although it goes a little beyond that he will not be able to talk to you again. There are several points that you should know, and that we collect for you.

The person will not be able to chat with you with the phone number you have blocked

You will not know if you are online

You will not see your profile picture

You will not be able to see your States

When someone has blocked you, the messages sent appear only with a tick, since the double tick means that the other person has received it and, as is evident, if someone has blocked you, they will not receive your messages. Basically, this is what happens when someone blocks you, or when you do it.

Best tricks for blocked users on WhatsApp

They may have blocked you on WhatsApp, but you have the urgent need to write to the person who has done it. From here, we invite you to respect the privacy and the decision of the person who has blocked you, and it is your responsibility to try to communicate with someone who has decided not to write to you anymore.

If someone has blocked you, it is your responsibility to contact them again. Respect your decision.

Even so, it is possible to send a WhatsApp message to someone who has blocked you. There are several methods, so we list them below so you can try the one you want.

Ask a friend for the phone, add the contact to your list and send the message

Ask a friend to make a WhatsApp group in which your contact is blocked, you can read the messages

Create a virtual number, link your WhatsApp account, and write it from that number

Block someone on WhatsApp without realizing it

Unleash chaos on WhatsAPp

Many people ask us if it is possible to block someone on WhatsApp without realizing it. We are very sorry, but the answer is a resounding no. If you block someone on WhatsApp, they will not see your profile picture, they will not be able to access your multimedia content, States ... You will know that you have blocked them, inevitably.

If you decide to block someone, you will know at once, so no, there is no method to block someone on WhatsApp and go unnoticed.

Date update on 2018-11-25. Date published on 2018-11-25. Category: hackers Author: Oscar olg Fuente: andro4all