Bloggers turn to hackers to recover access to their accounts stolen on Instagram

Several influencers have obtained the help of a Colombian expert capable of putting pressure on both the social network of photos and videos and the hackers.

Lindsie Comerford, a popular influencer or blogger who earns her bread by advertising in her publications in favor of famous brands, has been the victim of a hacker.

The hacker stole personal data from his email, his digital bank account and his Instagram account, where he has 41,000 followers.

Comerford, 24, tried to get help from the support service of that social network, but he did not get it. "I've written and called Instagram hundreds of times but I have not managed to get access to my account," he wrote on his blog.

Comerford is one of many popular bloggers recently attacked by hackers. For many of them, Instagram is their only source of income, which pirates know and seek to take advantage of their coasts.

According to the Motherboard portal, the typical hack begins with a letter in which a stranger tells the potential victim that he wants to order advertising on his blog. The missive contains a link to the client's profile, which in fact is a fake page very similar to Instagram.

As soon as the victim inserts their 'login' and password, the 'phishing' attack succeeds. The hacker enters the victim's account, modifies his email and password and closes all access. The next step is to ask for a ransom, which is usually around $ 300 in bitcoins.

The victims interviewed by the media complained about the slow process of restoration of access to Instagram: the user must request and receive a code and then write it on a paper and be photographed with it, and then wait until a human moderator compares that image with the photos you have published in your account before. Several of the bloggers, tired of not getting results, had to seek help from third parties.

The majority of the victims interviewed by Motherboard went to Juan Diego Peláez, a Colombian who positions himself as an expert on Instagram.

Peláez has conceived several tricks to speed up the verification process on Instagram. On a couple of occasions, he asked for access to victims' emails to help them. In the case of Comerford, Peláez responded on his behalf to all messages received on Instagram and managed to restore access.

In two other cases, the victims said that the hackers sent them new passwords for their accounts, altered a few days before, after Peláez came into play. "Some provide passwords because I attacked their devices," said the expert, without giving further details.

According to Peláez, the number of victims who ask for help has grown recently. Instagram, for its part, denies having increased the hacking of accounts and insists that it is able to deal with pirates in an increasingly effective way.

"We know we can do more, and we work hard to prevent evil people from doing harm and to secure our community," an Instagram spokesperson said.

Date update on 2019-01-22. Date published on 2019-01-22. Category: windows Author: Oscar olg Fuente: rt