Boilers in Luigi Mansion 3

Boilers in Luigi Mansion 3

When you leave, you can get enough money if you go behind the elevator, tear off the bottom left panel and then blow through the hole, or if you slip Gomiluigi through the left pipe

As soon as you move forward you will see a sequence with the obvious head of the area. Vacuum the crank to cut the water, and strain Gomiliuigi through the hidden grid behind the fabric to the right of the first grid

After taking the golden key, if you walk straight to the left you will get the yellow Jewel . In the next room, eliminate a couple of ghosts and put Gomiluigi through the green pipe, to the right of the whole. You will send it to a lower zone. As is evident, the cranks above control the jets below . Start by making the three cranks have the arrow to the right .

This will allow you to take refuge with Gomiluigi under the central pipe . Now move all the cranks to the left and you can cross safely. Activate the bottom flash switch to open the door. In the next room, enter through the lower left door . Remove the cleaning cart and sneak through the hole on the left with Gomiluigi.

You will reach the next room. Open the chest and just to your right you will see a box that you can set aside . This will allow you to reach another grid and the red Jewel (move the water crank with Luigi so that Gomiluigi does not get wet). Go to the area before, and you will see that you can blow the fan from the bottom to move the platform . The idea is that one road goes to the left and another to the stairs. If you want , leave Gomiluigi off the platforms and, when you are in the center, turn the fan to go to the right and open a chest. However, the way forward is up the stairs.

In the next room, look down. You will see a table with donuts and a stove that you can light with the dark lantern . Then, move the chair upstairs and give the switch a flash to get the blue Jewel .

Continue through the door to the right, go down the stairs and jump to the rubber duck. You move sucking or blowing and, obviously, you have to mess with Goomiluigi through the grid on the right. Then go through the one on your left and pull the chain so Luigi and the duck can cross . To do this part, leave Gomiluigi on the center islet, and with Luigi on the duck, pull the chain to the left to lift a lid in the upper area .

So you can sneak through the left slit and the upper ones on this side to catch a lot of pasta. Go back to the island and take Luigi and the duck to the far right, where you will see a crank . Well, leave Gomiluigi as close to the water stream as you can , switch to Luigi, turn the crank so that the water stops running and quickly crosses with Gomi. Water will flow again soon, so you have to do it quickly.

Now pull the chain to reach an area with a huge door with spikes . With Gomiluigi, you can cross directly from where you are through a pipe and go to the right end of the room. However, there is a water jet. The process is very simple, you just have to use the pipes to move and reach the chain before the duck clicks. If you see that you get too close, switch to Luigi and blow to get away from the door.

The next part is also simple and is basically the same. Watch out for the ball that you have to hook with Luigi to open one of the hatches of the grilles, and with Gomiluigi pay attention to the water jets that fall until you reach the bottom chain.

Quick change to Luigi, which you should have attached to the ball below , to maneuver around the buoy on the way to the door and thus avoid sharks. As soon as you cross the door, go up to reach the stairs and jump from the duck, because they will follow you. Move to the left and you will have to get rid of some normal ghosts . When you finish them, we have another little puzzle. Start by climbing to the upper left and sneaking into Gomiluigi.

  • You will see that there are three colored circles: orange, blue and green .
  • Turn the orange so that the arrow points to the right and the blue points up . Pass Gomiluigi through the pipe.
  • You'll be next to the green one: make it turn to point up .
  • Cross the pipe again to return to the beginning.
  • Move the blue to the right and cross the pipe again.
  • Now shoot the sucker against the big red switch and pull to see a sequence.

Now just walk back where you came from. To end the "shark" ghosts , use the shock wave and then you can blind them. Attentive at this point, because you can tear off the lid of a pipe to sneak in with Gomiluigi .

Once down, you just have to vacuum the fire on the left and take it to the boiler on the right . You will see that the purple jewel comes out of the cube above it. A little lower you will be attacked by a possessed chest . Let Gomiluigi swallow and use the dark lantern against him to defeat him. Then, position yourself on this platform and have your clone pull the chain up .

Once up, do not stop aspiring with Gomiluigi, switch to Luigi and aspire the green Jewel . Now go back to the beginning room, where the ghost made the button jump to flood the sewer. Climb the ladder, turn the crank and you can open the door that takes you to the fight with Tuberio

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