Botanical zone in Luigi Mansion 3

Botanical zone in Luigi Mansion 3

Well, we started strong, because as soon as you progress a little, you can use the dark lantern under the yellow box . This will make the yellow Jewel appear. You have to vacuum it to catch it. Then continue on to the next room.

After watching the sequence when trying to take the elevator button, go up the stairs . When they break, just cross the blue branches, and aspire the vine to swing on the other side. You will have to remove a plant in the middle (aspiring as if it were a ghost) to enter the next room. Go to the far right of the room and, at the bottom of the bed, clear the obstacle area and tear off the furniture door .

Send Gomiluigi through the hole and it will appear on the bed. If you use the flash against the flower, you will get the Red Jewel . Now use the vacuum to clear the north wall of leaves. Next to the door is a coin box, which you can collect with the dark lantern. Cross the door, obviously, although first you will have to eliminate some ghosts with flowers . To end them, simply use the flash to open the flower, then vacuum the flower, and then they are like any normal ghost.

Once you are in the bathroom, vacuum all the flowers . You will see that in the bath there is a gem, and on the left side, a grid through which to strain Gomiluigi . Do it.

You will reach a lower area with more flowers and some ducts on the right, but do not enter through them . There is a third conduit, which will appear if you vacuum the leaves of the north wall, which will take you to the purple Jewel . How clever, hide something there, but hey, that's what we are for. Leave the bathroom through the left door to continue climbing. You will have to dodge some bouncing pineapples and pull the pod upstairs to sneak through a hole in the wall.

Once in the bathroom, pull the pods from the upper wall and the lower left corner . Then take the trash can with the suction cup and stamp it against the toilet so you can pull the last pod. Before leaving you will have to face a new type of ghost that will always try to go to your back , and with one of the red giants. Be careful because you have to vacuum the leaves of your eyes to blind the big guy.

Keep going up the stairs. You will have to dodge pineapples and destroy another plant to enter the next room. The flash machine is a circular saw . After activating it, simply suck the object and you can use it to cut what you want, including the branches that block the north door . Keep the mechanics, we will need it later.

When the plant catches you, simply take out Gomiluigi and use the circular saw against it.

Once in the bathroom, you have to use the suction cup with Luigi and Gomiluigi against the watermelon to remove it from the middle. Before leaving , use the dark lantern in front of the toilet so that a grid appears through which to strain Gomiluigi. Now, with your clone down, use Luigi to move the cock faucet . You will run water. With Gomiluigi, use the dark lantern on the broken pipe . This will make a flower appear to give a flash to get the white jewel .

When you leave the bathroom you have to blow the rolled branch to open the way. You will have to do it a couple of times and in the end, use a liana to cross. Eye with the crows and attentive to the lower left wall, there is "something" behind. You cannot enter, but if you continue up the stairs you will see a sequence and then the wall will open. Yes, go through the hole, obviously.

Before moving forward, go to the left, towards the bed: there are some blue roots that, although you do not see it, if you follow them you will go down . Get on it by the southern part of the room and follow it, they will take you down. You have to go down with Luigi or the camera will not move. Once down, change to Gomiluigi, sneak through the pipe in the upper right corner and use the flash against the floor of the small enclosure at the bottom of the screen to get the Green Jewel .

Back up, move the mushroom carriage to the lower margin , so that you can get on it through the blue sheath. Once above, press RZ + LZ to bounce and be able to rise to the level above the pods. Do the same on the next mushroom, go to the right and vacuum the sheet that covers the door to get out. Go moving to the right, vacuuming rolled branches or hanging on vines , until you reach the large central flower.

Continue to the left, you can vacuum another coiled branch . Cross the "bridge" and vacuum the leaves of the north wall. You will see a small room, enter and go to the right , behind the glass, until you reach the blue Jewel .

Well, now we return to the giant carnivorous plant, you simply have to use the suction cup on one side with Luigi and on the other with Gomiluigi to open it. If you interact with the lower petal of the carnivorous plant, you will go straight down and fight with Planticio . After finishing it, vacuum the shower and use it on the floor to get the button of the eighth floor.

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