Cameron Winklevoss ensures that the cryptographic winter will bring lasting innovations


The perception of how the cryptographic universe is currently will change depending on who you ask. Many investors will assure that they are facing one of the worst times for the market, the detractors of the digital currencies will affirm that they are signs that the bubble is ending to explode so as not to inflate again, but there are some, like Cameron Winklevoss, who decide see the glass half full in this adverse situation.

Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder of the popular Gemini house of exchange, recently spoke about the maturity of the market and the growing interest the public was showing in digital currencies.

"The cryptographic market has matured significantly since then. The value of Bitcoin has gone from around $ 400 to $ 4,000 today, "he said.

He also mentioned that as well as the cryptography had grown a lot, so had Gemini. "We have grown from 25 to 200 employees and we have celebrated many achievements in the last three years, which culminated with the recent launch of our mobile application."

Added to this, he also considers that the industry has a bright future ahead because, despite the losses it has suffered, great intellectuals continue to join the "cryptographic revolution". In fact, many of those who entered believing that the industry was a "niche", now claim that it is something else.

Trust is the gap. Despite the enthusiasm, there is much more work to be done to change the public perception of cryptography. Recent events such as losses in QuadrigaCX have damaged many people and have damaged the reputation of our industry in general. "

As to how the "cryptographic winter" has affected, the co-founder of Gemini assures that this event will lead to more lasting innovations for the industry, since during 2017 many bad projects were hidden after the encryption boom.

And it is that, in the hardest times is when the true innovators come to light. This is what Cameron Winklevoss is betting on, taking advantage of the downward trend of the market to purge the industry of these bad projects and to stay with only those who are truly going to contribute something.

Date update on 2019-03-19. Date published on 2019-03-19. Category: criptomoneda Author: Oscar olg Fuente: criptotendencia