Canceled the physical version of Hollow Knight for PS4

The break of the agreement between the study in charge of Hollow Knight, Team Cherry, and Skybound Games, leaves as a consequence its non-launch in physical format.

Since its launch on Nintendo Switch and PC, Hollow Knight has revealed itself as one of the most beloved and successful independent games of recent times, its release on PS4 and Xbox One, both in physical and digital formats, is highly anticipated. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Team Cherry game in physical format has been canceled due to the breakdown of the agreement that united the developer studio with Skybound Games, distributors of this edition.

There is still hope for Hollow Knight in physics

The first to announce this break was Skybound Games, despite loving the game and wish all the luck for Team Cherry, but at the same time affirming flatly that they would not continue working with the studio in its version for several platforms. For their part, Team Cherry say that this physical release has been too big to handle for a study of only three people, even with the help of Skybound Games.

Even so there might still be a glimmer of hope for the physical version of Hollow Knight, since in the study they say they are investigating other ways to carry it out, although obviously, it will have to be in a production much smaller than what could have been done the distributor. This version was scheduled to arrive sometime in 2019, not only for PS4 and Xbox One, but also for Nintendo Switch.

Although it is a very bad news for lovers of the physical format, that does not avoid enjoying one of the best metroidvania of recent years, which has an excellent 9 in our analysis.

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