Capcom plans more remakes and recover forgotten licenses

Capcom plans more remakes and recover forgotten licenses

Capcom is interested in launching new remakes of its games and continuing with some of the licenses that were parked for years

In its strategic financial yearbook, which confirms the commercial success of Devil May Cry 5 and the possibility of sequels with new talent, the company says that after Resident Evil 2 Remake they hope to grow with the launch of more remakes in the future.

"Our initiatives are to strengthen digital sales, strengthen our catalog" and specifically cite "awakening sleeping intellectual properties." One of these remakes could be Resident Evil 3, which has been mentioned several times and is believed to be related to Project Resistance, the asymmetric multiplayer title that confronts survivors with Brain - the player who controls the traps. One of the theories says that Project Resistance was born as an online mode of Resident Evil 3 Remake, although it could be launched individually.

What licenses could Capcom recover?

Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and now it seems that Devil May Cry are sagas with a secured future within Capcom, but the company has dozens of sagas that it could recover. Simply within the fighting genre, there has been talk several times of a new Darkstalkers or interest in a Rival Schools 3. Even Marvel vs. Capcom could have another chance after Marvel vs. Marvel. Capcom: Infinite, especially now that Disney would allow X-Men characters to be included in the game - he regained his cinematic rights with the purchase of Fox.

Another of the adventures that fans insistently ask for is Dino Crisis, a survival horror that was born following the footsteps of Resident Evil, but with dinosaurs instead of zombies - later the saga would focus more on the action. Dragon's Dogma is an important saga for Capcom and Mega Man has confirmed new delivery, but there are many other forgotten titles: Ghosts'n Goblins, Bionic Commando, Lost Planet, Onimusha - recently remastered-, Dead Rising -Capcom Vancouver closed last year- or Viewtiful Joe, among many other games.

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