Check if your WiFi is secure with these steps

Check if your WiFi is secure with these steps

In this article we show a series of points to take into account to know if our Wi-Fi is safe. The objective is to avoid intruders that may affect the proper functioning and also privacy.

It is quite common to find unprotected wireless networks, with outdated encryption or that ultimately do not have everything necessary to avoid intruders. However, having a secure network is simple if we take into account a series of steps that cannot be missed. In this way we will ensure that the devices that are connected to that Wi-Fi are also safe from problems.

See if we have changed factory settings

Something basic that we must take into account when we ask ourselves if Wi-Fi is safe is to know if we have changed the factory settings that come when purchasing a router. What does this mean? For example the name of the wireless network, router access settings, etc.

Leaving the network name that comes from the factory is a problem, since it is normal that it exposes the model of the device that we have, as well as the operator that we have hired. This would make the task easier for hackers who want to break into the network.

Check that our passwords are strong

Of course we also have to know if our keys are complex. We not only refer them to the Wi-Fi password, but also to the key to access the router itself. Both are very important.

A strong password must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. Of course, it should not be the one that comes predetermined with the device, but we must change it for another totally random and unique

Do we have an outdated encryption?

But it is not only the password we have, but also the type of encryption. As we know there are different ones and not all of them are safe today. We must avoid ciphers that are outdated, such as WEP. Otherwise we could have a Wi-Fi network exposed to possible attacks that exploit this type of encryption.

Therefore, in addition to creating a strong key, we must ensure that our router is using reliable encryption, that it does not have vulnerabilities of any kind. We leave you another article to know if we use the most secure Wi-Fi encryption.

View connected devices

Another clue that it can give us to know if our Wi-Fi is safe is to check which devices have been connected. The router allows access to see the computers that have recently connected and thus check if there is something strange.

In case we see a device that should not be there, a mobile, computer or any other equipment, that could be a sign that our network is insecure and they have managed to enter.

Do a pentesting

We can also take into account the possibility of conducting an access test to our network. We have many options in this regard and it is an interesting way to check if we really have a secure Wi-Fi and protected against possible attacks.

In another article we show some tools for pentesting to networks. This way we will know if we have any vulnerability that needs to be corrected.

Updated router

One more way to know if our Wi-Fi is safe is to see if we really have the router firmware updated. This is very important, since having an outdated device could leave open certain vulnerabilities that could be exploited and put us at risk.

That is why having the latest versions is always highly recommended, especially when it comes to devices permanently connected to the network. It is convenient to make sure that we have the latest versions installed.

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