Chinese hackers attack 27 universities to steal military information

Accenture Security iDefense cybersecurity intelligence unit company reported spying on educational institutions

Specialists in cybersecurity revealed that at least two dozen universities in the United States, Canada and Southeast Asia were targeted by hackers of Chinese nationality, who seek military secrets from the United States. (The 19-year-old Argentinian hacker who became a millionaire for 'hunting' computer errors)

The Accenture Security cybersecurity intelligence unit company, iDefense, detailed that 27 schools such as the University of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii, the Duke University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), among other institutions, were attacked by the computer criminals. (They detain a 'hacker' linked to the complaint of rape filed against Cristiano Ronaldo)

This document was advanced to The Wall Street Journal, which published that hackers sent emails in the form of phishing or identity theft, to universities that have experience in underwater technology or with teachers with experience in a relevant field, with the purpose of obtaining classified information.

The media explained that these cybercriminals passed themselves off as accredited school organisms, in order to obtain the reports; but they were detected when the emails released a malicious load when opened.

Universities may contain classified military information because they have links to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and because of their security style they are a vulnerable target for hackers, who prefer to attack them rather than specialized companies.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to research and education located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and has been dedicated to the largest independent oceanographic research in the US for years.

Howard Marshall, leader of iDefense's threat intelligence operations, said for The Wall Street Journal: "Universities are very willing to share information in search of academic information."

This revelation was corroborated by the American cybernetic firm FireEy, which has also studied the group of Chinese hackers, also known as Temp.Pisciscop, Mudcarp or Leviathan.

Ben Read, senior manager of cyber espionage at FireEye, said "they are a complete operation."

Penn State was also targeted, although his spokesman refused to confirm the information.

"Of course, we are well aware of the persistent threat from state and non-state actors in the cyber domain, which has also been well documented by the press and the US Government," the spokesperson said in a statement in Fox's possession.

He added that "this threat is directed not only to authorized defense contractors, but also to industry, academia and other entities that work with valuable and sensitive information in their computer networks."

It has not been confirmed whether this cyberattack is sponsored by the Chinese government, but it is in the midst of the US administration's allegations that the ZTE and Huawei companies pose a security risk.

Date update on 2019-03-07. Date published on 2019-03-07. Category: hackers Author: Oscar olg Fuente: periodistadigital