Chrome and Edge receive a High Contrast mode so you can activate it now

Chrome and Edge receive a High Contrast mode so you can activate it now

Since a giant in the software sector such as Microsoft began to develop its new Edge Chromium, Google project participants have benefited. And this is a firm with a more than solid experience in development, something that for example will take advantage of the Chrome browser.

This is something that began at the end of last year when the Redmond announced their intention to create a successor to the classic Edge, now based on the Chromium engine. Thus, when starting to work on this project from one of its most direct competitors, the beneficiaries of all this are many. Well, we tell you all this because now, the developer of Windows 10, is working to improve the visibility of its software.

For all this, what you are doing is to bring your new software a support so that we can make use of the High Contrast mode. This is also something that is also coming to Google Chrome, although at the moment the trial versions of both programs. Thus, what the Redmond-based firm intends is to further improve the user experience in the program for all those who spend many hours in front of the screen, or who have visual problems.

So what you want with this new test is that the High Contrast mode is natively compatible with your Edge Chromium project. It is worth mentioning that until this moment the other browser of the competition, Google Chrome, had made these functions available to us in the form of extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft brings Native High Contrast mode to Edge Chromium

Keep in mind that there is a possibility that features offered through third-party extensions may not be possible in certain environments. For example, in those where certain restrictions are imposed for the installation of these extensions. Therefore, the Edge team works to bring this new viewing mode to programs to move around the Internet, natively.

Thus, at the moment they have added support for the High Contrast mode to the Chromium project for Windows browsers with the «Forced Colors» flag. To say that this is already available in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary 79.0.305.0, as well as in Chrome Canary. Therefore, if you want to try this new function first hand, we show you how you can enable it.

So, for this, the first thing we will do is make sure that in both browsers we have the latest version of Canary. Next we go to the page "chrome: // flags /", for example in the Google proposal, and do the search for the term "Forced". It will be then when we see the test to which we refer to “Forced colors” appear, so we will only have to activate it. Finally, we restart the program so that the changes become effective.

After that, we will have no more than, with the browser open, place ourselves in the Windows 10 Configuration application. Click on “Accessibility / High Contrast”, and activate. Once Windows 10 applies the changes, we can visit any website to see this new mode applied in it.

Date update on 2019-10-16. Date published on 2019-10-16. Category: chrome Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone