Concert hall in Luigi Mansion 3

Concert hall in Luigi Mansion 3

We will get access to the fourth floor of the hotel, the Concert Hall. We assume that here the acoustics will be death, right? Come on, a little smile. So so. Who is the most handsome guide user?

Come on the pit. The first thing is that you have to approach the tuba in the lower right corner . Blow through the mouthpiece and you will see the purple jewel appear. You just have to change Gomiluigi while still blowing and aspiring to fall to the ground.

Now go left. You can jump on the "wave" of the carpet with ZL + ZR . At the other end you will find a ghost waving the cloth, kill him. Now, before continuing, let's pick up a few jewels . Start by going to the left end of the hall and you will see a popcorn machine with a flash switch . Plug it in a couple of times until the yellow Jewel appears.

Now we go to the toilets. Let's start with the sink on the left . Use the dark lantern on the right side of the sink to make a tap appear. When interacting with him a ghost will appear that drops the white Jewel .

We go to the other bathroom, on the right . If you tear off the wall panel you can strain Gomiluigi to get some money, but what interests you is to use Gomiluigi to pull the chain behind the bars. By doing so, you can interact with that kind of wall Boo in the corner.

Once on the other side, simply approach the ballots and go blown or vacuuming ALL, one by one , from left to right. If you do it right, the ceiling decoration will react and you can open the safe. Inside is the blue Jewel . And now, go down the hall and cross the front door. It is time for a hard and long fight against Almadeus .

Before continuing, enter the room in the upper left corner . Eliminate the ghost and then use the dark lantern against the piano. You will make the missing keys appear. Interact with the piano and you will get the Red Jewel

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