Configure qBitTorrent to perform certain actions at the end of the downloads

Configure qBitTorrent to perform certain actions at the end of the downloads

Internet file downloads can be done using different systems and protocols, it's all about choosing the one that interests us most

One of them is through the popular P2P networks, we talk about the torrent files that generate so much controversy.

However, before getting involved, the first thing we should know is that these elements, the P2P networks, the torrent and the clients we use, are completely legal. As much as we hear that these are associated with piracy, that they are, it does not mean that they are illegal. Another thing is the use that each one makes of these programs or of the file-sharing protocol as such. It's like the one that broadcasts paid content for free on Facebook, that's illegal, but not the social network.

Well, once we have this clear, at the same time we should know that when we refer to torrent clients, we talk about the programs we use for all of this. Let's say these are the local platforms that offer us the corresponding user interface to work with these files and P2P networks. On the Internet the truth is that we can find a good amount of solutions of this type, valid for all types of platforms and operating systems.

Perhaps here among the best known we can make a special mention to applications such as Transmission, uTorrent, or qBitTorrent, among many others. Surely these are already much more familiar. We tell you this because in these lines we want to focus on the behavior of the last one mentioned, qBitTorrent. This, as usual in these programs, offers a good amount of integrated functions, such as its own search engine. Many of them we have already shown you over time, now let's see another very useful one.

Use qBitTorrent in the most effective way after downloading

As you well know, these are programs that we use for many hours on the computer, at least in terms of its operating time. That is why many of them allow us to customize their behavior once they have finished their work. This will allow us to even adjust what to do with the entire PC, once the active downloads at that moment have been completed.

How could it be otherwise, the aforementioned qBitTorrent, being one of the most used proposals of this type in the world, also let us make these adjustments. Therefore, for this the first thing we will do is open the app and start with the download process, all as usual. However, to make the adjustments that we have mentioned, we will have to place ourselves in the Tools / At the end of the downloads menu.

Here we are going to find several alternatives to choose from so that the program can be carried out at the end of the downloads that are active now. By default this is a function that is disabled, that is, when you finish it will do nothing. But that is what we want to change. Therefore, from this option we have the possibility to close the program, as well as suspend, hibernate or shut down the equipment in its entirety. As is evident, we talk about behaviors that will be performed by themselves, even if we are not in front of the PC.

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