Convert all kinds of videos to other formats with HandBrake

Convert all kinds of videos to other formats with HandBrake

In the current times, work, whether professional or leisure, with multimedia files is increasingly widespread. To make things easier we find specific programs such as PhotoShop , Audacity, Adobe Premiere , or HandBrake, among others. These allow us to handle photographic, music or video files, in the best way.

We must also bear in mind that this has also greatly influenced the hardware equipment and components that we can use right now. Just a few years ago, for example, video editing was limited to a few professionals. Something similar happened with the most advanced photographic edition, but things have changed a lot in recent times.

Today we have equipment and programs powerful enough to perform these jobs from home. Of course, we can use all kinds of applications, some paid and some free; also some more complex than others. For all this, in these same lines we want to focus on the video section , an increasingly widespread sector. And it is that thanks to the storage capacity that we have at your fingertips, and current Internet connections , digital video does not stop growing.

As we say, right now we have the possibility to make use of these video contents on almost any device, even on mobile devices . But this is extended to PCs, consoles , tablets, etc. Therefore, in order to enjoy the best way of all this and that the experience is good, before we can try those videos and adjust them.

Customize the size of videos with HandBrake

Therefore, if what we need is to adapt any video content that we have acquired or created, to play it on another device , HandBrake is a great solution. Specifically we talk about a software whose work focuses precisely on that, in the conversion and adaptation of video content. In fact, as we told you just a few days ago, the program has just been updated so that we can already use HadBrake 1.3 on our computer.

To say that this is an application that to get the most out of it, we can download from here and then install it. It is worth mentioning that if something characterizes this video conversion software, it is the simplicity of use that it presents. Therefore, once we have downloaded and installed it, we have to place ourselves in the main interface. How could it be otherwise, the first thing he will ask us is to upload the video as such. Simply drag the corresponding file to its interface from the Windows File Explorer , for example.

Once loaded, in the central panel we will see a series of frames that we can go through and that serve us as a method of previewing the video. At the same time, in this interface we see the original parameters used in its creation. Here we refer to its resolution, duration, quality, etc. At the same time, if we want to learn more about these aspects of the loaded video, we can move through its tabs .

In these we find other interesting data of the content such as the audio codec that it has, as well as that of video, if it includes subtitles, the filters used, etc. It is clear that all this will help us to know the video more in depth, but what we are interested in is converting or adapting it. To do this, HandBrake uses a series of predefined profiles or presets to adapt the video to a specific device, format or platform.

This is something that we found at the beginning in the menu option "Presets" located at the top of the interface . When accessing this section, we find up to five categories, each of them full of profiles from which we can choose the one that interests us most. For example, in this new version the so-called Playstation 4 2160p60 4K has been integrated, which we find, of course, in the devices section. Therefore we have only to click on it, for example.

Create and customize new profiles

Once this is done, at that moment we will see that the characteristics of the content we previously saw that belonged to the original, automatically change. Thus, now these are going to be the most suitable to use in the device, format or platform that we have chosen. Therefore, to finish this conversion process , we only have to click on Start Encode. Logically, depending on the size and quality of the preselection, the final file will increase or decrease.

But of course, at the same time, something that will interest many, this is a program that allows us to create our own profiles or custom presets , as we will see. To be able to carry out this task that we are telling you, the first thing we will do is click on the “Save New Preset” button. Then a new window will appear where we assign a name and description, in addition to specifying the video resolution to be used. In the same way we will have to customize the codec and quality of the audio to be used, as well as the language of the subtitles, if the video integrates them.

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