Convert old Word documents to docx format

Convert old Word documents to docx format

Probably most of you already know it firsthand, and that is that the applications that are integrated into the Office suite are increasingly complete. In fact, these are designed to meet the needs of its millions of users in one way or another.

There are several to which we refer here, so we can highlight some as well known as PowerPoint , Excel or Word. In fact, when talking about this last proposal that we mentioned, we talk about the text editor par excellence in much of the world. This is a program that has evolved a lot these years, as well as the file formats that it uses by default.

It may be the case that we are looking for ways to convert old documents generated in Word, to the latest most recent format of the same program. Therefore in these same lines we are going to show you the way to achieve it, which can get us out of some trouble. As you will remember, earlier versions of Microsoft Word used the " doc " file format to save our documents by default. This was later changed to the " docx " format , with the advantages that it entails.

Keep in mind that this new format reduces the size of the final file. This allows users to share, store, or send these files online in a more fluid and faster way compared to the "doc". Therefore, if what we want is to convert an old Word document to the most recent one, this is how we will achieve it.

Methods to convert Word doc files to docx

To start we have to use the text document as such and we open it with the Microsoft editor we are talking about. Once we have it on the screen, we go to the “File” menu option to click on the “Information” section of the left sidebar. Here we will see a button of "Convert" in the section "Check for problems / Check Compatibility".

Of course, to say that this is a function that becomes visible when we use a version of Word more recent than the version used to create the document, so it will allow us to convert it. But that is not the only way we have to make that conversion.

We can also use the “Save As” functionality that we will also see in the “File” menu of Word. Therefore, with the document open, we look at this menu and save it in the format commented on "docx". In this way we will have the new Word file format, directly.

And finally we will talk about a last alternative that you can use in this same direction, we refer to using the Microsoft online service, the free Word alternative . This will be very useful if we do not have the text editor installed on the device. In this way and from our favorite Internet browser, we are located in this link to open the application in the cloud . In order to use it we will need to have a Microsoft account, after which we load the document on the platform. Once on the screen , again we can save the document in the most recent format from the menu option "File".

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