Convert the text of a Word document to a table

Convert the text of a Word document to a table

Office is a productivity suite of the Microsoft giant that in turn integrates several applications, each with a different type of use

For example to work with numerical data we use Excel, or for texts, we use the popular Word editor.

However, in some cases or in certain circumstances, the types of data that we use, intermingle between the different tools. Not surprisingly, these solutions that we are talking about and that are part of Office, support many types of data. Thus, in the mentioned text editor we can use elements such as graphics, images, signature tables or tables. Something similar happens with the rest of proposals such as Excel or PowerPoint, in which we can work with a multitude of data formats.

This is something that Microsoft is fully aware of, so it puts all the means to help us based on functions that are coming. As many of you may know firsthand, the Word editor is usually used to open or create text documents. However, among its menus we find many functionalities that allow us to add and convert different types of data, including the aforementioned texts.

How could it be otherwise, these functions are very helpful to us on a daily basis, especially if we consider that this is one of the most used programs in the world. Therefore, we will show you how to make a joint and useful use of texts and tables. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of, in a few steps, passing the words that make up a text, to a table directly from this program.

Convert texts to tables directly from Word

All this we do to achieve this goal that we have set ourselves, and the first thing will be to access the data in the form of text that we want to pass to a table in the mentioned text editor. It is true that from the beginning we can define the table as such in Word, and then start filling it out. But in the case that we go against the tide, and we already have the words in the text document, we will show you how to create a table from them.

This will save us a good amount of time by not having to retype them if necessary, which is the first thing that can come to mind. Thus, once we have on screen the terms or words that will be part of the table, for example we can separate them with a tab or a space. This is what will make the program distinguish the different columns of the table. On the other hand, if we are going to create several rows, they will be separated by an Intro

Once we have distributed the text contents like this, we will have to select all of this with the mouse and leave it marked. Next we go to the “Insert / table” menu option, where we choose “Convert text to table”. If we have not made the previous selection, this option will be disabled. Well, this will give us a new window in which we specify the width we want in the columns, or to adjust the contents to a certain position. At the end of this, we will only have to accept and at the moment we will see on screen the new perfectly defined table.

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