Cross out diagonal lines in Excel cells to mark them

Cross out diagonal lines in Excel cells to mark them

In many companies and homes around the world, they could be counted by millions, users use an application of the Microsoft Excel utility. This is a tool focused on working with spreadsheets that offers us everything necessary to make things easier in this regard.

As most of you will know firsthand, this is a program that focuses on working with numerical data. This is something that is carried out from a somewhat peculiar design of the user interface, but more than adequate for these tasks. We tell you this because Excel shows us a work desk divided into a huge number of cells. These are the ones we will use to enter the data we want, many of them numerical, although that is not all.

This Microsoft application found in the productivity suite, Office, is prepared to deal with other elements such as texts, graphics, images, etc. But all this will actually be supports or added to the numbers and formulas in most cases. That is why the Redmond-based firm puts at our disposal a huge amount of functions and features to help us with these tasks. These can be found spread over the multiple menus of the tool, but they are not only for the operation of the program, but also refer to its appearance.

As we say, for those who are not accustomed, the distribution in Excel cells can be somewhat strange, so it is preferable to customize it. That way we will have the possibility to adapt all the data, both numerical and otherwise, to our needs. This is something that is especially necessary, or recommended, if we handle very large spreadsheets.

Mark cells with diagonal lines in Excel

That is why in these same lines we are going to show you the way to mark certain cells so that we can distinguish them better, all with diagonal lines. For example, this can be very useful to indicate those that are no longer valid, that have already been fulfilled, etc .; Everything will depend on the nature of the leaf.

Therefore, if what we want is to dial a custom number of cells in this way, we will show you how to achieve it. For this, the first thing we do is start the Office application as such and open the sheet on which we are working. Then we mark the cells of the same in which we want to add a diagonal line, and click with the right mouse button. Thus, from the list of options that will appear on the screen, in this case we opt for “Format of cells”.

Once in the new window that appears, we are located in the tab called "Edge", where we see several functions related to the appearance of the cells of the sheet. Well, at the bottom of it is where we will find the buttons that interest us in this particular case. Say that there are two and are represented by two diagonal lines that cross the cell completely, one in each direction.

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