Crown Kings saga chapter 1 of AC Valhalla

Having finished the introductory saga of Assassin Creed Valhalla, The Battle of the North Road, we move on to the second, The Crown Prince Saga

In this section we can find several Books of Knowledge and pieces of armor that will be very useful during our wanderings. Therefore, and as part of this complete guide, we detail the best way to make the most of this saga. For Valhalla!

The sons of Ragnar

Aboard our longship, we will reach Repton. The time our journey takes will depend on how much we want to entertain ourselves in unlocking watchtowers and looting the monasteries along the way.

Once in the city we will go to the building that our raven points to. Afterwards, we will have to follow Ivarr to the place where the next cinematic will take place. When we are tired of exploring the city, we can continue the mission by going to the pier. Make yourselves comfortable and comfortable, because a horse ride awaits us with our battle companions, and then a confrontation against King Burgred and his men.

We started with the looting at Tamworth Fort. We will have to open the doors as the mission indicates us and ending with the enemy elite soldiers. These will be found in the highest area of the fortress and they will be marked on the map. When we have done it, we will have finished the siege and we will have to look for clues in the fortress with the help of Odin's sight. Then they will give us freedom to loot the area before continuing.

Thus, we will have finished the mission and we will be assigned a new one: Haggling. If you want to ensure platinum, we advise you to consult our list of Achievements and Trophies before continuing so as not to leave any behind. In addition, you can also review the weapons available in the area in the section dedicated to them.

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Crown Kings saga chapter 1

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