Customize or delete pre-installed plugins in Caliber

Customize or delete pre-installed plugins in Caliber

Over the years, Caliber has become an almost essential software for regular users of electronic books , also known as ebooks. This is largely due to the enormous possibilities that this application presents.

Moreover, to all this we must add that as time has passed, the frequency with which the software receives updates grows. That is why it is very common that every few days the program receives a new update that makes it better. In addition, we refer to a completely free application that presents all kinds of functions for the management and treatment of our ebooks . The truth is that we could say that the level of control we will have over these in Caliber, will depend on everything we want to get into the possibilities presented by the program.

We have already spoken to you several times in the past about some of its most important functions, since this program is not only about library management. At the same time it allows us to read electronic books , modify their content , manage their labels, send them to our Kindle reading devices , etc. That is why the possibilities that Caliber presents to us at the moment are enormous if we investigate a little

But that's not all, but also the program is ready to work with add-ons that further increase its functionality, or improve existing ones. That is why being able to manage Caliber add-ons is key for some users.

How to see the already installed Caliber add-ons

At this point, it should be mentioned that the same program , when installed on the computer , already has a series of these pre-installed elements from the beginning. But of course, how could it be otherwise, it allows us to manage them depending on our preferences or how to use the application. Therefore, in these same lines we will show you how to carry out these tasks.

Thus, to say that the program allows us both to personalize and eliminate those small additional programs that in principle come pre-installed. We will see how we can handle these elements in the best way and thus further customize the use and operation of Caliber . Once we find the application running, we have to place ourselves in the "Preferences" menu located in the upper right corner of the interface. Then, in the new window that appears, we scroll down until we reach the “Advanced” section.

In this we will see that there is a button called "Accessories", which is what interests us in this particular case. Once we click on it, we will see that several drop-down lists appear on the screen that refer to the different types of addons . Therefore we have only to click on the arrow next to each type, so that all the pre-installed accessories appear at that time. As we see there is a good amount of them, so its separation by categories is not a bad idea.

At the same time, at the bottom of the screen, we see management buttons that will allow us to activate or deactivate these objects, update them, customize them, or delete them if that is what we want. Therefore, it only remains to navigate between them to take a look at the ones we have running at that time.

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