Customize the use of the mouse wheel in VLC

Customize the use of the mouse wheel in VLC

As surely many of you will already know firsthand, the VLC Media Player is one of the most popular proposals of this type worldwide. Much of its success is given by the huge number of functions that it makes available to us.

But of course, that is not all, but at the same time, over time the trust of users has been gained thanks to its stability and smooth operation. To all this we must add that the program is compatible with virtually any current format. Music and video files are included here, as the program is capable of working in both modes.

To all this we can also add the customization capabilities that the program as such proposes to us, since this is an increasingly important factor. In fact, the different software developers are fully aware of this, something that even affects Microsoft with its Windows 10. This customization is something that must be present both functionally and in appearance. In this way, what we are going to gain is going to be an improvement in the user experience with this specific application.

And it must be borne in mind that VLC is a free program that many times we use daily to watch our favorite movies and series. And of course, considering that the app is ready to play both local and online content, its versatility increases even more.

Control VLC from the mouse wheel with this functionality

That is why in these lines we are going to tell you how to customize the use of the mouse wheel when playing multimedia content in this player. This will help us control certain aspects of common use with a single finger movement. Well, for this the first thing we will do is access the application as such, we will not need to upload any files in it.

Then, in the main interface of the program, we go to the "Tools" menu, and click on the "Preferences" option. Here we can see various configurable options related to the personalization of the program interface. But that is not what interests us in this case, so we must click on the "Keyboard shortcuts" tab that we see in the upper right part of the window. In turn, in the new window that appears, we can see various keyboard shortcuts that the program proposes. By the way, shortcuts that at the same time we can change to establish those that are more comfortable for us.

However, at the bottom of the window, we will see two options that are what we are looking for here. These are "Vertical axis mouse wheel control" and "Horizontal axis mouse wheel control. These will give us access to their corresponding drop-down lists so that we can customize the movement of this mouse element. Thus, we can opt for doing nothing, as well as controlling the volume, or the position of the video playback. Once the changes are made, we just have to click on Save, and start with the video playback.

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