Different ways to install and use Telegram in Windows 10

Different ways to install and use Telegram in Windows 10

Although WhatsApp is the most used messaging application worldwide, luckily it is not the only option we have to communicate with others. Users looking for more privacy, security and being away from Facebook control often opt for other messaging clients to communicate with their contacts. And one of the alternatives to WhatsApp with more users is, without a doubt, Telegram.

Telegram was born as an open source alternative to WhatsApp, although in reality only the client is open, since nobody knows what is hidden behind the server. Thanks to the fact that the API of this platform is open, anyone can easily create their own client to use it to communicate with others.

Unlike what happens with WhatsApp, that there are hardly any alternative customers (and those that do exist pose a risk of banning users), for Telegram we can find all kinds of customers. This allows us to use this messaging client without problems (and without relying on a gateway, like its rival) from any platform.

Download the Telegram client from the Microsoft Store

If we are Windows 10 users, we have surely used the Microsoft Store, the Microsoft application store, to download an application. In this store we can find all kinds of applications, from official apps of different companies to applications created by third parties.

Of course, within this store we can find Telegram customers. This application has all the functions and features that we can find in any other client, for example, Android or iOS. By logging in with our account we can use the entire messaging platform without restrictions, in addition to keeping all the chats and everything synchronized with the other devices.

If we want another alternative, one of the best is Unigram. In general, this client is the same as the official one, but it has additional features. For example, chats are stored locally securely so that they can be consulted without an Internet connection. It also integrates with the Contacts function of Windows 10.

Use Win32 version

If we do not like the applications of the Microsoft Store, then what we must do is opt for the Win32 version. This application is the same as that of the Microsoft Store, with the difference that we can download and install it on any version of Windows. And not only that, but there is a portable version that we will not have to install on our PC.

If we want to opt for an unofficial customer to use this messaging service, on the network we can find a large number of alternatives, each with a series of options and features that make them unique and different from the others. One of the best known is Bettergram. This option allows us to set a greater number of chats, facilitates the search and has additional functions such as cryptocurrency monitoring.

Use Telegram Web

Finally, if we do not want (or cannot) install any application on the computer, there is another alternative that allows us to use this platform and all the chats: the web version.

If we access the following link and log in with our data we will be able to use Telegram as if we were using it from our smartphone, or as with any of the previous clients, depending only on our web browser

The best thing about Telegram is that, in addition to being more secure and private than WhatsApp, it is that all the clients we have just seen are open source. Therefore we can always check them to see that they hide nothing and even improve them to adapt them to our needs. Something that with WhatsApp is totally impossible.

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