Discotheque in Luigi Mansion 3

Discotheque in Luigi Mansion 3

Well, it turns out we have a jewel, literally, in front of the elevator. Do you see the illuminated floor in front? If you step on a tile that is not lit, it will light up. If you leave the floor, they will turn off, leaving only those that are illuminated by default

You have to light them all. To avoid problems, use the image below these lines:

You will see that two panels remain unlit . Simply put Luigi in one and send Gomiluigi to the other. It doesn't matter if you step on illuminated squares. You will have to repeat it a couple of times, which will make some stairs appear. Lower and aspirate the coins to get, in passing, the yellow Jewel .

When you leave the elevator, go to the dead end on the left. With Luigi, he aspires to DJ dishes . You will see that suddenly a block of bricks protrudes from the wall. Switch to Gomiluigi while still sucking, get under the block and press ZL + ZR several times, until you get the Purple Jewel .

Continue down the hall to the right until you find the wardrobe area , you have to enter through the right door , not where the cash register is. You can lift the bar with ZL + ZR. Once inside, go to the left side, where the coats are, vacuuming the sign in the middle. Now you just have to vacuum all the coats on the left side to get the Green Jewel .

Now move on to the disco. Prepare for combat with Bailiau and remember that Disco-Luigi must Disco-dodge. Now take the button and let's go for the last jewels of the plant. We start directly on the dance floor . As we did at the beginning, make Luigi and Gomiluigi stand in the dull boxes . This will bring up a supersuction switch with which to sweep the dance floor.

After busting the entire wall, you will see that there was a dressing room with wigs . Go to the far right and, if you notice, there is a mannequin head without a wig, use the dark lantern . When the wig appears, vacuum it to get the blue Jewel . Now give the switch a flash on one of the wall plates .

You will see stairs appear to the left and right of the track . Go up on the left and, if you look, you'll see that one of the lamps, apparently, floats in the air. Use the dark lantern, kill the ghost and get the White Jewel . Now, to finish off the matter, you will see that at the bottom of this elevated area there is a plate on the wall . If you go up the right stairs there is another. You know what it plays, right? Vacuum both dishes at the same time .

Aspirate until the disco ball falls and you get the Red Jewel . We have already finished on this floor ... and almost all of them. We have one last floor, one last challenge. It's time to go to the 15th floor, the Attic

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