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A computer can be defined as a digital system with micro-electrical technology

Within the basic structure of the computer we can denote the microprocessor, the memory and the different input and output devices.

Through the use of the computer we can carry out the execution of different programs, which are loaded into memory so that the processor can process them. The speed and efficiency of the loading and execution of programs will require that the computer has good technical characteristics.

Currently, the computer is no longer seen as a complex and unintelligible instrument that only technicians and personnel with a broad level of the subject used, thus being an excellent assistant for the realization of our daily activities (creating new trades and advantages).

The computer has had a great impact, as it can even be used to replace certain appliances such as TV, the newspaper, even some cell phones, since you can make video calls, simulate mobile operating systems and receive calls and messages.

The computer performs a large number of functions that, if compared with what the human should do to complete them, it is more efficient. These functions are indicated by human beings, but it has different basic obligations that it must fulfill in order to serve as a machine, which are:

Functions of a computer

Data and information processing.

One of the most important things that the computer must fulfill is the fact of serving as an information processing machine; that is, it can modify or transform data and information.

This is normally done based on your operating system, which is covered by different orders proposed by the manufacturer.

This machine processes information, using mainly binary numbers (it is known as binary language. They are the different letters that have information transformed into numbers.

These numbers, when transformed into binaries, make the computer understand them, and that is why, in fact, it is capable of processing the information, so that the user can transform it to taste).

General data storage.

The computer serves as an intangible portfolio, since it allows the storage of different types of documents and information that the person deems appropriate.

For this they have an internal memory, which is capable of storing an immense amount of information.

Information storage is one of the most important functions in computers; because, without this same function, it would no longer be referred to as a PC.

Information organization.

The computer serves as a portfolio; but this one is a bit better, as it actually automatically serves as an information organizer. This organization is the method by which the PC is already programmed, which allows information to be stored in any place where it is desired and it remains in an orderly manner.

Of course, the same will not only depend on the computer, but also on the user; because, with a good organization indicated by the user, the computer will also have this internal organization. The PC usually gives the option of creating folders, as well as specific places where any information that the user wants can be saved.

Transmit and receive data of all kinds.

One of the things that demonstrate the importance of the PC, with respect to its functions, is that the same machine allows the person or user to send and receive information.

It is done through the use of the Internet; but equally, this is the only means by which information can be received through intangible documents.

Without a doubt, the computer is wonderful; it simply handles all the possible fields of what is truly important for the user, which is the information that the user manages.

Computer Features

More than one input device can be used to enter data, such as keyboards, mice, and other devices.

After the devices are connected, the computer will recognize the input and process it according to its use, saving certain data in memory.

The storage device can be used for some functions, such as: reading information, saving it; and even both.

A common computer consists of a keyboard, a CPU (Central Processing Unit), the monitor, the hard disk, the CD-ROM drive, the sound device, it can be headphones or speakers, the mouse and optionally a printer.

The hardware and software work together to carry out the tasks that they are given to execute. These tasks perform a set of instructions, which we call programs, to then produce data output in a format that is understandable to the user.

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