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Activate the secret menu of experiments in the Gallery of Samsung phones

There are many applications that have options and settings hidden and accessible only to a few connoisseurs. These hidden settings and options are usually part of ongoing experiments and developments, not suitable for final versions due precisely to their experimental nature.

The difficulty or ease of accessing these experimental settings depends on how the developers treat them.

In this article we will see how to access the "secret" menu of the Gallery app on Samsung phones.

In this new menu called Gallery Labs (the name already tells us what it is) we will see a series of additional options and settings to apply to the image gallery that is pre-installed on Samsung phones.

Remember that these new settings and options are in the experimental phase and it is possible that some do not work or do so unstable, so they are only suitable for the very curious and friends of experimentation.

Some of them may end up being stable and developed enough to include them as standard, but they are not yet reliable… you are warned.

The first step is to open the Gallery app.

There we click on the menu icon represented by the three vertical dots

In the pop-up menu, click on the Settings option

In the Settings screen, we navigate to the end, and click on the About Gallery option

There we repeatedly click on the line where the version is indicated.

As we press several times, we will see that a message appears that tells us how many times we still have to do repetitions until we unlock the Gallery Labs menu

After the last series of repetitions, we will be told that Gallery Labs is unlocked

We will have to close and reopen the Gallery to access the new options menu.

Once we restart Gallery, we access the Settings again and navigate to the end again. There we will see that there is already a new option called Gallery Labs.

Inside Gallery Labs, we can block it again with the On option switch. If we block it, your access will disappear from the Settings screen and we will have to do the whole process that we indicated before again.

The options are classified by availability for different versions of ONE UI (Samsung's own personalization layer). The fact that it is available in a certain version does not mean that it does not work in a different version. It's a matter of using the trial / error system.

If we want to verify which version of One UI we have installed, we access the phone's Settings and click on the About phone option

In that section, click on the Software Information option

And in the new screen we will see which version of One UI we have installed

I repeat that these options could be unstable because they are experimental developments and are still under construction ... what's more ... it could be that some of these options will disappear in future updates.

Date update on 2021-03-31. Date published on 2021-03-31. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: blog-conocimientoadictivo