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AIMP 5 launches interface to change the way you listen to MP3

Long before streaming platforms, such as Spotify, music was listened to from the MP3 files that we stored on the computer.

To do this, it was necessary to use an MP3 player such as Windows Media Player, or the mythical Winamp. However, since the demise of the latter, the MP3 playback market was somewhat in the air until an alternative, known as AIMP, began to gain popularity.

AIMP Player is a totally free Russian-sourced music player designed to allow users to play their MP3s in one program as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality. This program offers us a very easy-to-use interface, an 18-band equalizer, a window to show effects during playback, and a playlist editor, among other features. Everything we need to listen to our music in the most comfortable way possible.

Taking advantage of 2021, and that the sum of its digits is "5", those responsible for AIMP have just announced the arrival of their new AIMP 5. And it comes with great news to be able to continue being one of the best music players for Windows.

What's new in AIMP 5.0

Undoubtedly, the main novelty of this music player is its new "Charm" design, very similar to what we can find in the Android version of this player. This new interface stands out for being very clean and having a minimum of different colors so that the experience is as clear as possible.

Charm allows us to choose between 3 types of different designs, and each one has a light mode and a dark mode so that we can choose the one that best suits us:

  • Standard - The standard layout, similar to the one used by default in AIMP4: Bliss.
  • Classic - A Winamp-inspired layout where playlist and play controls are vertical.
  • Modern - A design inspired by Fluent Design. All the elements (controls, list, wiki, letters, etc) are inside the interface.

If we don't like the new design, the developers allow us to go back to the old skin from the previous wizard.

But the new interface is not the only thing that AIMP 5 brings us. Other important changes that we can find in the new version of the program are:

  • General improvement of program performance.
  • Support for covers integrated within the tags.
  • Support for lyrics of songs integrated in the tags.
  • Many improvements in the markers. These are now within the music library, allow you to filter songs based on different rules, support custom tags and the ability to edit.
  • The playlist can be automatically collected after adding items.
  • The audio converter also has a new design, it will notify us when it has finished converting files, it supports the WMA Pro codec and is capable of normalizing the audio when converting.
  • The tag editor also has a new design and a new tool to create chapters.
  • Scheduler: the plugin supports an unlimited number of tasks, allows you to configure automatic repetitions and new actions that you can perform automatically.
  • Scrobbler: the plugin now includes support for Last.fm (this disappears), offers new services and is better integrated with the interface.

Date update on 2021-06-13. Date published on 2021-06-13. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: cursosonlineweb