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Any strategy aimed at increasing sales requires an analysis of the competition

If we want our website to enjoy a better reputation than those of our competitors, we will have no choice but to carry out an SEO analysis of the competition. We are going to explain to you how important it is and how you can carry out this important work in your digital strategy

Why is it necessary to do an analysis of SEO competition in digital marketing

The increasing and demanding competitiveness of the markets requires that any company, regardless of its size and volume of business, needs to have data on the strategies, tactics or operations of other companies that it fights against for the same clients or that commercialize similar products. The analysis of the competition in a company has, therefore, become an almost mandatory task in the achievement of the success of any business project .

In the world of digital marketing , competitor analysis is, if possible, even more critical: we all know that marketing is not an exact science and that, no matter how much control we have over the metrics of our website, there can always be some aspect that is escaping us. Aspect that perhaps another competitor has taken into account, such as news and trends in the sector , the nature of the content, or the frequency of support posts on social networks.

An example of a competitor analysis might include points like these:

  • What is the reach of a campaign?
  • What types of campaigns have worked and which ones have not?
  • What SEO actions are your competitors prioritizing?
  • How has your ranking progressed over time?

Who really are your competitors

Earlier we mentioned that competitors are those companies that market products similar to yours; In the world of SEO this nuance is not so obvious, since your competition would be the one who reaches the same type of client , even if it does so indirectly or involuntarily, and not necessarily offering the same thing that you offer. To do this, you must identify the keywords ( keywords ) with which users reach one or other pages.

Take a test to see the keywords of the competition by entering in Google those that you consider most descriptive of the content of your site: you may be surprised by the variety of websites that appear in the first results. That is precisely your competition: your goal should be to obtain a better SEO position than theirs , without necessarily worrying about whether they sell something similar to what you sell.

How to do an SEO analysis of the competition following these points

Identify competing domains

The previous point gives you the clue of the first step: make a list of the domains against which you are going to compete for the best SEO positioning.

To do this, we recommend using one of the many SEO tools , Ahrefs , (option " Competing domains ") that will allow you to quickly identify them, as well as analyze the keywords of the competition: number of positioned keywords and common and unique keywords.

Know your domain authority

Domain authority is the reputation of a website in terms of the quality of its inbound links ( backlinks ) and the frequency of linking. A reputable site will have better SEO rankings.

Ahrefs also allows you to analyze the DR profile ( domain rating ) of the other domains, and see the number of keywords of the competition that are in the ranking, in the option " Link intersect ".

Find out the positioning of the keywords

You should also find out what common keywords your competition has positioned better than you and thus know what combinations of keywords you have to reinforce so that users find you before others.

You can do this both with Ahrefs (" Content Gap " option ) and with Sistrix , a tool optimized to know our visibility index with respect to that of the competition based on the chosen keywords.

Study your presence on social networks

Visits that come from social networks represent a very significant portion of the incoming traffic of a site. Analyzing your competition will allow you to know what content is working better, which social networks have the most traction, and what information they provide on their social profiles.

The Ahrefs tool, in " Pages - Best content ", will give you all the data you need about the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest networks.

Analyze paid marketing strategies

So far, we have only analyzed the actions that your competition can take without expressly paying for a positioning campaign ; This implies that you can also contract paid search engine campaigns (such as Google Ads ) if what you want is to obtain a fast and effective positioning.

Again, Ahrefs will put you on the track of the keywords that your competition is using in their paid campaigns, in the section " Paid search - PPC keywords ": type of ads, URL to which they redirect, search volume of the keywords and estimated traffic that they earn with these actions.

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