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Apple directly claims that Android is more insecure than iOS

Apple has published a document in which it attacks Android directly and says, in a totally direct way, that it is more insecure than iOS.

We all know that, at the security level, Apple is more or less above the rest of mobile operating systems on both iOS and iPadOS. Something that has been demonstrated more and more with the passage of time and new operating systems.

But now, it has been Apple itself that has "attacked" directly one of its main competitors in the world of devices, the Android operating system, used by the vast majority of Apple's competitors in the mobile world.

Apple claims Android is up to 47% more insecure than iOS and iPadOS

It has done so through a document made by computer specialists. And in my it claims that Android is up to 47% more insecure than iOS. This is because it receives 15 to 47 times more attacks and potential malware infections.

And they allege that these infections and attacks come, for the most part, from applications that have been installed from "where they shouldn't have." That is, the alternative stores and the possibility of installing apps from practically any site that Android allows. Something that Apple is completely against incorporating into their operating systems.

It is true that the best app security cannot be denied in most aspects. And perhaps the biggest infection on Android by "alternative stores" cannot be denied either. But what we are sure of is that this report comes at an interesting time for Apple, when institutions are considering forcing them to open their systems to other stores.

Date update on 2021-10-18. Date published on 2021-10-18. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: apperlas