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Because Windows no longer chirps when powering up and logging in

If we have used an old version of Windows, for example, 95 or 98, surely we remember the music that was played when logging in.

And surely we will also remember that scare of playing the music at full volume for not realizing that the speakers were on and very loud. The logon sound has been changing and modernizing little by little until the arrival of Windows 7. However, from there, this sound has disappeared. Neither Windows 8 nor Windows 10 play any sound when turning on the system and logging in. why?

The truth is that this change was well received by the community. No user complained that a music did not play when logging in. Microsoft also eliminated this possibility suddenly, without including it as a "new" or a "deprecated function" within the list of changes. From one day to the next, Windows stopped ringing, everyone was happy and no one asked why. But what led Microsoft to make this decision?

Blame it on Jensen Harris

Jensen Harris was a Microsoft employee for 16 years. Over the years, this worker worked his way up within the company until he ended up leading the development of Windows and Office. In the Steve Ballmer era, he was the one who made many of the decisions about the changes and features of Windows versions, especially Windows 8.

As is often the case, workers in one company often use products from the others. And this worker had in his house a MacBook Pro that he used to work. With a newborn baby at home, turning on the computer and not remembering whether the volume was high or low was dangerous. And, to avoid tempting luck, he finally decided not to turn on the computer and not be able to work that night.

This anecdote made him reflect on the bad idea that it is that an operating system plays a sound when logging in, even before the user has the possibility to silence the computer. And therefore this sound disappeared from Windows. At least from its default settings.

We can still put the sound manually

If no one has complained since 2012, when Windows 8 hit the market, it's because the Windows manager was right in the end, and it was a bad feature. But what was not done was to eliminate the possibility of recovering this sound.

If we are one of those who want Windows usually when we log in, we can recover this sound without problems. To play a sound again when logging in, we must go to the section to configure the sound of Windows 10, and check the box that tells us if we want this sound to be played at the start of Windows.

After applying and accepting the changes, Windows will play a sound again when you log in. The sound that we will hear will be the one that sounded in Windows 7, since, when deactivating this option by default, it has not been changed. In any case, from the events section of the program, if we want, we can change the sound to whatever we want.

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