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Boomi widgets make SaaS integration easy

Boomi is a platform for on-demand integration of software as a service.

Now, business users with little or no coding ability can create connections between their favorite applications with Boomi's pre-built Widgets. Speed ​​and ease of integration is a top concern for using SaaS in your business, and these widgets show great potential to streamline that process.

The regular version of Boomi supports a full range of standard business software, from Quickbooks to Oracle Database and SAP ERP. Boomi's widgets are basically browser-based GUI controllers for how information is transferred from a SaaS application and other software-as-a-service or on-premises solution. They make it easy for anyone with a little knowledge of how tables work to integrate business software platforms and create an information pipeline that is extensible.

Any Boomi customer can build one of these widgets from their existing integrations, and this should save companies the time and energy they typically spend creating the same integrations over and over again.

Boomi also says that soon anyone will be able to create and sell a widget on their platform with a significant revenue share. However, it appears that currently only the Salesforce.com and Netsuite connections have been widgets and offered on the site. Unless Boomi picks up the pace and gets a wider range of them on the market, this won't create any meaningful market type.

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