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Change title bar color to inactive windows

The graphical part of any operating system is important. A pleasant appearance gives us a better experience and therefore makes us more productive

Aware of this, Windows allows us to make some configurations to adapt its appearance to our tastes, but there are always points or details that it does not cover.

One of those points not covered is the color of the inactive windows title bar. When we have several windows open, the title bar of the background windows turn white. Normally that does not represent a major problem, we are so used to it that we don't even pay attention to that detail. But some of us are exquisite and pointillist and we would like that instead of that bland white color it was another one more in line with our personal tastes.

Windows does not have at our disposal a setting that allows us to change the color of inactive windows, but we can use the Registry to do it easily.

It goes without saying that the changes (in this case added) that we will make in this tutorial do not represent risks. But we always recommend backing up the Windows registry before making any changes to it.

The first thing is to open the Windows Registry. To do this, the simplest thing is to open a search box from the taskbar and type


In the results we select Registry Editor and then in the Open option

Already in the Registry Editor, we navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ DWM

In the right panel, we right click and in the pop-up menu we select New and in the submenu the option DWORD Value (32 bits)

We change the name of the new entry to


Now comes the beautiful ...

We double-click on the new entry we just created to open its Edit panel.

In the Base section we make sure that the Hexadecimal option is selected

In Value information we write the hexadecimal code of the color that we want to use as the color of the inactive windows. We validate by clicking on Accept.

Here is a graphic with the hexadecimal code of different colors available

This last detail, that of writing the hexadecimal code, must be explained in detail.

The hexadecimal code must be written inverted ... I explain this ... the first two digits of the code must be placed at the end and the two at the end must be placed at the beginning.

The following image may better clarify what I am trying to explain

Changes should take effect immediately, although some windows may not display the new colors until they are updated.

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