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Chrome fixes 14 security flaws including a dangerous 0day

Having the web browser updated is vital if we want to avoid problems. Hackers are constantly looking for security flaws that allow them to carry out all kinds of computer attacks that endanger the safety of users.

As part of its regular maintenance, Google has just released a security update for its Chrome browser. This update corrects several vulnerabilities detected, and one of them exploited, which we must install as soon as possible.

2021 is not being a good year for Google Chrome. So far this year, Google has already run into 6 zero-day security flaws, used by hackers, that have been putting users in danger. The first of them appeared on February 4 of this year, followed by two other 0-day failures in March (days 2 and 12) and another 2 in April (days 13 and 20). Now, in the middle of June, the company has been forced to launch another emergency security patch for its browser with which to cover another new zero-day security flaw that was being exploited.

14 security bugs fixed in Chrome 91

For a few hours, users of Google Chrome 91 have been receiving a new version of the browser, 91.0.4472.101. This new update focuses on fixing a total of 14 security flaws. These have been detected by external researchers and by the company's own engineers.

Of these 14 bugs, the most concerning is CVE-2021-30551. This vulnerability is found in the V8 browser engine responsible for processing C ++, WebAssembly, and JavaScript code. This flaw was being used together with one of the flaws fixed by Microsoft in the latest security patches, CVE-2021-33742, to jeopardize the security of users.

The purpose of this vulnerability was to gain privileges within the system by escaping from the safe space, sandbox, on which the browser runs. By doing so, hackers have access to all of your PC's resources, and can exploit other vulnerabilities (such as the one mentioned above) to carry out more complex attacks.

Attacks by PuzzleMaker, a new campaign discovered by Kaspersky, are believed to have made use of vulnerabilities in Windows and Chrome. With it, they managed to gain privileges and infect PCs with malware.

Update Windows and the browser as soon as possible

As of Tuesday night, the June 2021 security patches are available to all Windows 10 users. It is vital to download and install these new patches as soon as possible as they correct several known and exploited zero-day security flaws. by hackers.

In addition to updating Windows, updating Chrome is also essential. This new update is now available to all browser users, and is automatically downloaded and installed on the computer. Unless we have disabled Chrome updates by hand, this new patch will have already been installed on our PC, and we can verify by opening the Settings> Help> Google Chrome Information section, and verifying that the installed version is 91.0.4472.101.

Date update on 2021-06-13. Date published on 2021-06-13. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softzone