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Convert photos to cartoons free online with a web application

In this article you will learn about a tool to convert photos into cartoons in a simple way and without any complications.

It is a free-to- use web utility in which you do not have to register or provide contact information for its use.

In addition, being a web-based tool, you will use it directly from your favorite browser, without having to download or install programs.

With the help of this utility it is very easy to convert photos into cartoons, that is, to apply the cartoon effect to any photograph.

You can use it to make your photos more attractive or fun before posting them on social networks or sending them to your friends.

In any case, it is a tool to give any photo a new look without having to use a complex image editor.

How to convert your photos into cartoons with this tool?

Next, I am going to tell you the three simple steps with which you can convert your photos or images into cartoons.

Proceed like this:

  • Select the photograph or image to which you are going to apply the cartoon effect.
  • Click the " Convert It " button to start the process.
  • Download your new image with a fun cartoon effect.

It is important that you bear in mind, when uploading the images, that the photos cannot have a weight greater than 5 MB.

Likewise, they must be in one of the supported formats that are JPG, JPEG and PNG.

You must bear in mind that depending on each photograph, some results or others will be obtained, however in most cases the final result will be incredible.

Date update on 2021-09-06. Date published on 2021-09-06. Category: Computer class Author: Oscar olg Fuente: softandapps