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Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses that are launched on the Internet

What marketing strategies should you keep in mind when working on a digital project?

In this post you will see some of the best marketing and digital marketing strategies to apply now.

Being visible on the Internet today it can be said that it is no longer an option, but an obligation, for that simple reason there is already enough weight for you to consider carrying out digital marketing strategies for your SME or business.

The habit of Internet consumption caused by the pandemic made 75% of Spanish consumers increase their online consumption, where 80% did so to find out about offers or promotions.

Faced with this digital boom of consumer consumption, many companies take seriously the digitization of their businesses and apply strategies that they can carry out according to the resources they have available.

What is digital marketing in SMEs?

Digital marketing for SMEs or small companies is based on the creation of a strategy or set of strategies that allows your business to achieve the objectives that you propose through a series of actions that you have to carry out.

For these actions to be carried out successfully in the digital strategies of the SME, you have to ask yourself a series of questions that will vary depending on the objective and the digital medium that you are going to use.

But there are three questions that every entrepreneur has to ask when carrying out digital marketing for the company:

  • A) What do you want to achieve?
  • B) In what ways are you going to achieve it?
  • C) How is it going to be measured?

These three questions have to become your main pillar before any of the strategies that I am going to talk about next.

Now is the time to tell you the types of online marketing strategies for SMEs that you can use in order to publicize your product or service and be able to earn more money.

Advertising on social networks

You as an entrepreneur have to be where the people are. And where are your clients or potential clients a lot of their time online?

Exactly, on social media. This is the reason I want to give you so that you take this type of strategy into account, since it is almost impossible that your ideal client is not present on social networks.

The negative part? Nowadays, if you want short-term results, being present in networks and uploading publications is not enough, since the vast majority have a very short organic reach.

Another positive point of this type of strategy is that you can impact with ads to people who saw a product or a service on your website in particular and encourage them to end up buying from you.

Social media channels

More and more users research a company on social networks before buying a product or service.

Working on your corporate brand in order to show closeness, trust, transparency and professionalism will make you position yourself above other competitors of yours who do not work on their presence in social networks.

Many make the mistake of creating social profiles and after a while abandon them. What image do you think you are giving if you have your abandoned profiles?

Another common mistake is to believe that anyone can manage their social networks on a professional level.


SEO is one of the great forgotten (by people who want to launch their business online) when creating a website. Don't be blinded just by the pretty appearance of a page.

See that the user experience is good, that it is adapted to mobile devices, that the loading time is small, etc.

If you work on the SEO of your website, you will get Google to show you to users. And when that happens, the advantages that your business achieves are very great.

There is no use having a brilliant product if no one sees you.

Content curation

This part is linked to the previous point. With the creation of a well-worked blog, you will achieve greater visibility in Google search results, you will position yourself as a benchmark in your sector and you will earn the trust of your potential clients.

There is nothing better for a person who doubts whether to buy from you or not, than to show him what you are capable of.

Influencer Marketing

A great way to get visibility on social networks and for new people interested in what you offer to know you is to make an influencer marketing strategy for your business.

And this works? Look at these data: 75% of brands will invest in this type of strategy throughout 2021. (Data obtained by Cyberclick).

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, influencer marketing consists of reaching a collaboration with influential people within your same sector or niche in order for them to make what you offer in your company reach their community

Sales funnels and Email marketing

It is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques on this list. But I always say one thing, if it works for something it will be.

Many have been trying for years to bury email marketing. The reason? I don't know, but what I can assure you is that it is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques according to many professionals who carry it out.

According to a study by Hubspot, marketers who do email marketing professionally get up to 760% of the revenue generated.

Of course, this figure is not achieved by sending emails all the time of "buy my product" "discount of 10% of my product", "discover my new product" and so on.

The purpose is to sell, of course, but you must also entertain, inform, educate, add value


Storytelling consists of telling stories related to your product or brand and that provoke a connection with your potential client on an emotional level.

This action causes the person to stay with your brand and keep you in mind when wanting to buy.

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